The African Rosewood popularly known as OHA or ORA, is a soft green vegetable from the south East with medicinal properties. Its scientific name is pterocarpus mildbraedii, it grows into a large tree that retains its leaves and keeps it green throughout the year. The OHA leaf is not affected by pest because it has the capacity to keep pest away.

The soft nature of the OHA leaf makes it a unique plant in the vegatable family. It is used to prepare delicious and mouth watering nutritious soups.

There are numerous health benefits of these amazing leaf, but on this article, we shall be discussing just 10 of it;

1. SUPER RICH IN IRON: These beautiful leaf contains Iron which encourages the production of haemoglobin; a substance that produces red blood cells in the body thereby preventing anaemia. People with blood related issues are advised to consume the OHA leaves so as to help improve their health.

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2. RICH IN FIBRE: Amazingly, the OHA leaf is rich in fibre which aids digestion of food thereby reducing or eliminating constipation, bowel syndrome and other issues associated with digestion.

3. ESSENTIAL FOR BONE HEALTH: It keeps the bones strong and prevent bone problems like osteoporosis. Thanks to the calcium and magnesium minerals present In it. So it is expedient to consume it often so as to feed your bones with enough nutrients.

4. PREVENTS HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: There’s a saying that prevention is better than cure, which is absolutely undisputable. The risk attached to HBP is not something to pay less attention to, hence we must try our best to take necessary actions against its occurrence. Potassium and magnesium contained in the leaf helps to keep high blood pressure away.

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5. STRENGTHENS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM: Constant consumption of the OHA leaf helps to build the immune system and protect it from free radicals that cause harm to the body cells. This is due to the presence of phytochemicals and antioxidants.

6. PROMOTES HEALTHY LIVER AND KIDNEY: It helps to eliminate toxins which pose as a threat to our vital organs.

7. CAPABLE OF FIGHTING CANCER: The OHA leaf has the healthy phytonutrients which prevents the proliferation of cancer cells. Thanks to its antioxidant properties.

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8. IMPROVES EYESIGHT; The vitamin A in OHA leaf plays a vital role in improving eye sight, thereby making the eye sharper and keeping it in a healthy state.

9. IMPROVES THE CONDITION OF THE SKIN: What we take into our body has a way of affecting us either negatively or positively, hence we are supposed to be cautious on what we eat because it must reflect on our skin. OHA leaf has the necessary vitamins needed by the body.

10. IMPROVES HEART HEALTH: This amazing leaf helps to ensure that the cholesterol build up which could affect the heart does not happen.

With the aforementioned benefits, you do not need a prophet to tell you that AFRICAN ROSEWOOD (OHA) is God’s gift to mankind

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