4 Reasons Why “3am” Is Considered The Devil’s Hour

“3am” is often referred to as the “Devil’s Hour” due to the numerous superstitions and beliefs associated with it. While there is no concrete evidence to support these claims, here are four reasons why it is considered an ominous time:….CONTINUE READING....CONTINUE READING

1. Religious and Occult Significance.

In Christianity, it is believed that Jesus was crucified at 3pm, and therefore, 3am is seen as the opposite hour, symbolizing a time of spiritual darkness. Additionally, some occult practices associate this hour with supernatural activities and demonic rituals.

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2. The Witching Hour.

The term “witching hour” is commonly used to describe the period between midnight and 3am. It is believed that during this time, the boundary between the spiritual and physical realms is thinnest, making it easier for supernatural entities to manifest.

3. Sleep Paralysis and Nightmares.

Sleep paralysis, a phenomenon where a person is temporarily unable to move or speak while waking up or falling asleep, is often associated with eerie experiences and hallucinations. It is more likely to occur during the early morning hours, including 3am. These episodes can contribute to the perception of 3am as a time of fear and malevolence.

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4. Pop Culture and Horror Films.

The association between 3am and supernatural or demonic occurrences has been perpetuated by various horror films and urban legends. These depictions have helped solidify the notion that 3am is a time when paranormal activities are more likely to happen….CONTINUE READING