5 Benefits Of Sleeping Separately As Couple

Before you dismiss the idea of sleeping separately as a couple, it is essential to consider that many healthy relationships thrive without sharing a bedroom. These couples are still able to meet their individual needs while maintaining a strong connection.....CONTINUE READING

In fact, the strategy of sleeping separately may have several benefits, including enhancing overall health, strengthening the bond between partners, and potentially spicing up the intimate aspect of the relationship.

Prioritizing sleep as a couple can lead to positive outcomes for your well-being, relationship health, and overall quality of life.

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If this has piqued your interest, read on to discover how separate sleeping arrangements can contribute to a healthier and more fulfilling connection, both inside and outside of the bedroom. Go ahead and stretch out in bed!

Why Couples May Choose to Sleep Separately

It is not uncommon for couples to sleep separately. There are a whole lot of reasons why couples may prefer solo sleeping which include the following:

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  • One partner is a snorer.

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  • One partner has a bad cold.
  • One partner has insomnia or another sleep disorder that is disruptive to the other.
  • One partner is a restless sleeper or a sheet-stealer.
  • Sleep schedules are out of sync (e.g., one partner is a morning lark, the other is a night owl).
  • Sleep preferences are different (e.g., one partner likes the room hot, the other likes it cold).
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5 Benefits of Sleeping Separately

Sleeping apart may help your health and your relationship. Here are a few benefits of bedding by yourself:

  • Better sleep: You can get more restful sleep when you don’t have to worry about snoring, kicking, or bumping limbs.
  • Fewer arguments: Sleep loss can make you irritable and less able to regulate your emotions, which can lead to more arguments with your partner.
  • Increased intimacy and longing: Spending some time apart can make you miss each other more and build anticipation for when you reunite.
  • Reduced pressure to have sex: You can eliminate the expectation to have sex every night by sleeping in separate beds.
  • More “me time”: You can have more time for self-care and relaxation without disturbing your partner.
How to approach sleeping in separate beds with your partner without damaging your relationship:

  • Make a decision together: Talk to your partner about why you’re thinking of sleeping in separate beds and make sure you’re both on board.
  • Don’t see it as a bad thing: Sleeping in separate beds can actually be good for your relationship, especially if you have different sleep needs.
  • Start with a trial period: Don’t commit to sleeping in separate beds forever right away. Try it out for a month or so and see how it goes.
  • Be willing to compromise: If you have different preferences for sleeping arrangements, be willing to compromise. For example, you could switch bedrooms every few weeks.
  • Make time for intimacy: Even if you’re sleeping in separate beds, make sure to spend time together in bed each night. This could be for cuddling, talking, or having sex.
  • Communicate regularly: Talk to your partner about how you’re feeling about the sleeping arrangement and the relationship as a whole. If you’re starting to feel distant, talk to your partner about it.

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