5 Things A Cheating Girlfriend Will Say When She Gets Caught

When a girlfriend is caught cheating, she might say several things in response. These are some common ways she may react:....CONTINUE READING

1. Denial.

A cheating girlfriend might say she didn’t do anything wrong. She may claim that you’re mistaken or misunderstood what you saw or heard.

2. Blaming You.

Sometimes, she might put the blame on you. She may say that her actions were because of something you did, like not giving her enough attention or affection.

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3. Apologies and Tears.

Others may get emotional and apologize. They might cry and say they’re sorry, insisting that it was a one-time mistake and promising it won’t happen again.

4. Changing the Subject.

Some may try to avoid talking about the cheating by bringing up unrelated issues or past problems in the relationship, diverting attention away from their actions.

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5. Gaslighting.

In more manipulative cases, a cheating girlfriend might try to make you doubt your own feelings and perceptions. She may insist that the cheating never occurred or that you’re being overly suspicious or paranoid