Ajah Market Comes Alive with Golden Spoon Green Peas this Easter!

What comes to your mind when you think of green peas? An ingredient for those who still have some spare cash after buying major “Sunday Rice” ingredients on a Saturday? A rusty fixture in the kitchen cabinet of housewives who choose to do something different on their rice “as the spirit directs” once every four weeks?…..CONTINUE READING....CONTINUE READING

While Green peas may seem an un-essential, everyday market staple, their rich dietary content makes them a good source of vitamins C and E, zinc and other antioxidants that strengthen the immune system and help protect against chronic illnesses, such as heart diseases and cancer; for this reason, it’s much more than just a rice-garnisher.

So, what better way to spur the market into the knowledge of such a rich yet special rice additive than with the event organised by CEEMEKS Ventures Global Resources Limited, at Ajah Ultra-Modern Market, Lagos? In any case, CEEMEKS, a brand owner of Super County and Golden Spoon, is not just new to the business; they have been in the homes of many Nigerians for almost three decades now, serving all sorts of deliciousness and good health.

At Ajah, Everyone was happy to be given the opportunity to have fried rice, Naija jollof rice, and coconut rice marinated with Golden Spoon Green Peas as well as cool gift items and some real fun to the booth…..CONTINUE READING

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Ajah Market Comes Alive with Golden Spoon Green Peas this Easter! Ajah Market Comes Alive with Golden Spoon Green Peas this Easter!

Beyond the intent of introducing potential buyers to the presence and the immense health benefits of the Golden Spoon Green Peas product, it was a remarkable afternoon of camaraderie, frenzy, heat, music, dance, laughter, gifts, and exposure of pure street/market talents, revealing that a typical Lagos Street can indeed be a relish with the market activation of the right product at the right time — A flag-off of the rarest kind.

Golden Spoon Green Peas came into the heart of Ajah and organically spurred the “minding-my-business” Lagos crowd to a golden Good Friday.

I mean, who could have thought market women could so impressively rock Naij dance steps; those kids could rap in line with spontaneous rhythms; that unfamiliar people could, within few minutes of meeting each other, share meals garnished with Golden Spoon Green Peas; that stranger could share bread slices on the street spread over with the yummy Super County Peanut Butter; that seller could ungrudgingly welcome a first-time product into their shops with honest smiles on their faces.

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Ajah Market Comes Alive with Golden Spoon Green Peas this Easter!

Admissibly, it was a well-thought-out and innovative market activation strategy which bespeaks much more than the value of a product to represent the ideals of a brand that not only believes in distributing healthy foods but also in uniting communities and putting an infectious glow on the faces of ordinary people. It was well to advertise and sell other healthy canned foods — baked beans, sweet corn, peanut butter, natural honey, red kidney beans, all special items of the Ceemeks Ventures brand.

For many coming to the market that hot afternoon, the expectation must have been the usual Lagos market experience— harried, sweaty, grappling, and shoddy, particularly, in preparation for Easter, not to mention the attendant gloom of GOOD FRIDAY. But their take-homes were beautiful gifts and a lot of sweetness in their hearts and taste buds.

Ajah Market Comes Alive with Golden Spoon Green Peas this Easter! Ajah Market Comes Alive with Golden Spoon Green Peas this Easter!

And, of course, the activities came to a close with the CEEMEKS Brand putting out a call for Distributors Nationwide. You can reach them on social media @goldenspoon_greenpeas and @supercounty_peanutbutter, or call +234 701 105 6316.

Address: 12A Egerton Square off 8 Sanusi Olusi Street by Offin Canal junction Apongbon Lagos