Anambra Revenue Agents Clash Over Profile, Chairman Denies Allegations

A crisis seems to be brewing within the ranks of Anambra Internal Revenue Services (AIRS) following allegations and counter-allegations over the revenue profile of the state…..CONTINUE READING

The face-off has picked the supporters of Chairman Ozo Greg Ezeilo and the supporters of the Executive Director of Operations, Dr Christian Madubuko each accusing one another of peddling false information about how much is being realized every month.

According to Mr Steve Ukaeje, the revenue profile of the state dropped from N2.14 Billion in March 2023 to N1.9 Billion this last August 2023.

“We made N2.14 Billion in March, in April we made N2.6 Billion, in May we got N2 7 Billion, in June we realized N2.3 Billion in June we got N2.3 Billion in July we got N2.8 Billion and in this last August it dropped to N1.9 Billion”

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He noted that it was when the Executive Director of Operations, Dr Christian Madubuko traveled, and what we have been getting before is due to the hard work of Madubuko, and now the Chairman has hijacked everything, and the revenue profile is dropping.

“Even though the Chairman has been signing approvals for sand bitch interstate revenues which are flying revenue yet the revenue profile is dropping and we wonder what is happening,” he said.

But when contacted the Chairman of the Anambra Internal Revenue Services AIRS Ozo Greg Ezeilo described those allegations as not only false and unfounded adding that the revenue profile is not dropping.

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“The allegations are malicious and unfounded because we ought to work as a team and can’t you see something is wrong with somebody”

“Our revenue profile has never dropped under my watch and In respect of the month of August we have realized over N20 billion and we are expecting more ”

“Madubuko has no business going about the markets and parks he is supposed to work with me as a team but he chose otherwise and he should appoint people under him and draw a strategy that will enable the people to carry out enforcement,” he said…..CONTINUE READING