BBTitans S1: Nana Exposes Truth Behind Blue Aiva and Blaqboy Situation

The BBTitans house was filled with triangles. Blue Aiva, Nana and Blaqboy gave viewers an interesting dynamic that would not be forgotten anytime soon. Their relationship was unusual because the two females were friends prior to the issues that came with sharing a lover…..CONTINUE READING....CONTINUE READING

Fans have always wondered how they both got involved with the same person without either of them decided to get out of the situation. Nana’s interview throws more light on that.
BBTitans S1: Nana Exposes The Truth Behind Blue Aiva and Blaqboy Situation

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According to her they were not all completely aware of the situation. From her reply, Blaqboy played both females in the house. She revealed the deceit with which he held both relationship.

He told her Blue Aiva was aware of whatever ship was blooming between them. Nana also confirmed when she spoke to Blue, it was revealed that Blaqboy wasn’t being completely honest.

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He did not inform Blue of his other relationship. This resulted in both females feeling like the other was intruding. It created such a peculiar situation that would have been less complicated with more honest conversations…..CONTINUE READING