BREAKING: “I had to smuggle myself back into Nigeria” – Jim Iyke

Nollywood legend Jim Iyke recently guest starred on the “Is This Seat Taken” podcast, hosted by Chinasa Anukam. The two discussed Iyke’s acting career, his impact on Nollywood, and his plans for the future.....CONTINUE READING

In the interview, he narrated the series of events that led to him having to sneak back into Nigeria in 2020 during the COVID-19 lockdown.…..CONTINUE READING

Iyke said that he was initially stranded in Paris where he had gone to visit his second son who lives in the capital. Due to COVID lockdown announcement, he was stuck in France for five months and was unable to return to Nigeria.

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After five months in Paris, veteran Nollywood star Jim Iyke started to miss home. He wanted to return to Nigeria, but most countries had shut down due to the pandemic. So, he snuck back into the country.

“I thought I could hang out with my son while the world was shutting down,” Iyke said. “I thought I would still have enough time to run to London and catch a flight back home. But then Nigeria, Paris, Amsterdam, and America all shut down. I ended up stranded in Paris for five months.”

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He said that he was aware of the risks involved, but he felt that he had no choice.…..CONTINUE READING