BREAKING: Northern Group Berates Nigeria Navy over Arrest of TANTITA Operatives

A group, the Northern Peoples Forum, has come hard on the Nigeria Navy over the arrest of four security Operatives of TANTITA. In a press release signed by Comrade Said Bello and Aminu Saad Believe, Chaian and General Secretary respectively, the group questioned the rationale behind the arrest of the four persons….CONTINUE READING....CONTINUE READING

According to the statement; “the news that four operatives of Tantita firm, namely Asonja Goddey, Obajimi Oluwaseyifunmi, Awolowo Aribo, and Oluwadaisi Balogun, as identified by another staff member, Mr. Owoyele Omotuyi, have been arrested by the Nigerian Navy, shocked us to the marrow because the action doesn’t suit the status of such an important authority of the nation’s high body of security architecture.

“We are constrained to broadcast our worries because by implication any circumstance under which the main source of the Nigerian economy is affected upsets our organization and this prompts us not only to speak up to express our concerns but to draw the attention of all relevant authorities and the general public.

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“This strong concern which we harbor, despite being a group existing in the faraway hinterland, only indicates how closely we have been monitoring and appreciating the impressive performance of Tantita in not only securing oil-producing communities but stabilizing production that makes the nation’s mono-economy also stable.

The group further alluded to the fact that the arrest of the four operatives could have been carried out by those who have been behind the loss of some four hundred barrels of crude oil daily.

The group further inferred ‘that some high-level web conspiracies or intrigues, had been woven in another attempt to discredit Tantita, and frame it, with the sole aim of making the services it rendered no longer wanted by the Federal Government according to a contract mutually and legally entered into by the two parties’.

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It therefore advised the Navy to put records straight, and the Federal Government not to play to the gallery orchestrated by some vested interests determined to create a situation full of far-reaching implications that could cause costly setbacks to oil production and the economy.

“Needless to say, a chronicle of Tantita’s impressive performance of intercepting several vessels loaded with crude oil suspected to have been stolen, coupled with NNPC’s commendation of the Tantita Security outfit….CONTINUE READING