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BREAKING: The Owners of Nigeria gang against the President and to remove the chief of staff Hon Femi Gbajabiamila.

The Owners of Nigeria gang against the President and to remove the chief of staff Hon Femi Gbajabiamila.

The continued onslaught against the Chief of Staff to the President, Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, is indeed worrisome. It is quite perplexing to think that Nigerians are being perceived as being so gullible as to believe that the chief of staff is in charge of funding. In reality, the role of funding is typically the responsibility of the Ministry of Finance, and has little to do with the office of the Chief of Staff. It is illogical to suggest that the expenses of a special investigator would be included in the budget of the Chief of Staff’s office.

The relentless and baseless attacks against Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila. are not only unjust, but they also undermine the credibility and integrity of the office of the Chief of Staff, as well as the government as a whole. It is crucial for Nigerians to focus on investigating and addressing real issues that affect the nation, rather than indulging in unfounded accusations against public officials. The continued harassment and defamation of public officials only serve to create an atmosphere of distrust and unrest within the political landscape, and detract from the real issues that require attention and resolution.

It is imperative that Nigerians demand and pursue accountability and transparency within the government, but it is equally important to do so in a fair and rational manner, without succumbing to baseless and unsubstantiated attacks.

The role of a special investigator who reports directly to the president is a critical one in the government. This individual is entrusted with the task of conducting thorough and unbiased investigations into various matters of national importance. It is crucial that the findings of these investigations remain confidential and are only disclosed to the president, as they often involve sensitive information that could have far-reaching implications.

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In the case of the chief of staff going against the instruction of the president and attempting to obtain the findings, it would be a clear breach of protocol and a disregard for the trust placed in the investigator by the president. It is unthinkable that someone in such a high-ranking position would act in such a manner, as it goes against the principles of integrity and professionalism that are expected in government.

One such individual who has demonstrated unwavering loyalty and discipline in his role as the chief of staff to the president is Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila. His appointment to this position was undoubtedly based on his track record of reliability and commitment to upholding the interests of the president and the nation. Any insinuations or orchestrated lies about his character are baseless and should not detract from his dedication to his duties.

it is imperative that the special investigator continues to carry out his responsibilities diligently, knowing that there are individuals like Hon. Femi Gbajabiamila, who will uphold the values of integrity and loyalty in their service to the president and the country, despite any attempts to tarnish their reputation.

The fabrications and deceit of certain individuals who have lost out in the power play are a cause for concern. Their relentless pursuit of their own evil intentions is evident in their attempts to manipulate the truth and deceive others. It is my sincere hope that the President sees through their deceit and does not allow himself to be swayed by their false claims.

I firmly believe that the Chief of Staff has consistently supported the President’s efforts to rid Nigeria of corruption, which is a crucial step in achieving the country’s progress. Nobody as ever witnessed any meeting between the Chief of Staff and the individual in question, and I am confident that the Chief of Staff has always prioritized and supported the President’s directives with the urgency and dedication they deserve. It is clear that there are those who seek to undermine the President’s agenda and prevent Nigeria from moving forward.

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It is crucial that the President remains steadfast in his commitment to combating corruption and advancing the interests of the Nigerian people. I trust in his judgment and leadership, and I am confident that he will not be swayed by the fabrications and deceit of those who seek to obstruct progress. It is imperative that the President and his team remain resolute in their determination to bring about positive change for Nigeria, despite the attempts of the acclaimed owners of Nigeria to thwart their efforts.

The relationship between the Special Investigator and the Chief of Staff, Hon Femi Gbajabiamila, has been one that has been free of any complaints or controversies. Despite any media concoctions that may have been spread, it is clear that there has been no reason for anyone to doubt the integrity of their professional relationship. It is simply ludicrous to suggest that any right-thinking individual would recommend against the commendable work being carried out by the Special Investigator.

The people of Nigeria have expressed their satisfaction with the investigative work being done, and have been pleased with the levels of corruption and malpractice that have been exposed as a result of this work. It is therefore of great importance that the Chief of Staff’s advice to increase the terms of reference for the Special Investigator be taken into serious consideration. This will allow for the continuation and intensification of the crucial work being carried out, in order to root out the corruption that has plagued the country for so long.

it is evident that the relationship between the Special Investigator and the Chief of Staff is both professional and productive. There is no reason to doubt the effectiveness or the integrity of the Special Investigator’s work, and it is imperative that support is given to further enhance and expand the scope of their investigations.

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The recent claims of the chief of staff requesting that Tunde Sabiu pay money into a special account for distribution amongst high-ranking government officials, including ministers, is without a doubt one of the most unbelievable stories to have surfaced. The sheer audacity and greed displayed in this alleged plot is both disheartening and alarming.

In a time when our country is facing significant economic challenges and the government is making concerted efforts to steer the nation towards recovery, such claims are not only damaging but also deeply troubling. It is incredulous to think that while the President is tirelessly working to secure loans and investments for the country’s development, there are individuals allegedly scheming to siphon off vast sums of money for their own gain.

It is imperative for hardworking Nigerians to discern the truth from the malicious falsehoods that are circulating. There is no basis for believing that such an exorbitant amount of money, reportedly $30 billion, is being distributed amongst government officials. This insidious misinformation is a deliberate attempt to undermine the progress of our nation and should be treated with the utmost skepticism.

It is crucial for us to remain vigilant and resolute in our commitment to upholding truth and integrity in our society. While some individuals may be adept at fabricating falsehoods, it is essential for us to stand united in rejecting such deceitful narratives and holding those responsible for spreading misinformation to account. Only through an unwavering dedication to truth and transparency can we strive towards a brighter future for our beloved country.

Otunba Abdulfalil Abayomi Odunowo

National Chairman AATSG

29th January, 2024.

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