Cristiano Ronaldo surprises rivals with brilliant disguise free-kick as ex-Manchester United teammate scores

Cristiano Ronaldo’s free-kick prowess is so good he can help his teammates score without even touching the ball himself.....CONTINUE READING

Al Nassr beat Al Wehda 3-1 on Saturday night and Munir Mohamedi was so focussed on stopping a Ronaldo free-kick he forgot Alex Telles is set-piece star too.

When the Portugal icon puffs his chest out, legs hip-width apart, you automatically assume he’s getting ready to fire the ball on goal.

Poor Munir didn’t even factor in that Telles, prior to his spell at Manchester United, scored four free-kicks during his time with Porto.

A dead-ball demon, with Ronaldo the decoy, Telles’ dastardly plan was in action.

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He then stepped up, covered by the wall, and wrapped his left-boot around the ball.

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Munir’s second error was the assumption Telles would whip the ball over the wall and his move to cover that strike left him vulnerable.

Telles fired around six Al Wehda stars and with the goalkeeper stranded, the Brazilian’s shot found the back of the net.

And Ronaldo pumped his arms in celebration.

He had even more reason to later as well.

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Ronaldo wasn’t happy enough helping his team take the lead, he scored their third and final goal too

The 38-year-old showed all his wits, sneaking onto a terrible header from a defender and poking the ball beyond Munir.

Al Wehda did get a goal back, though, through Brazilian midfielder Anselmo.