Drama As Deeper Life Pastor Dumps Ministry Over Kumuyi’s Support For Tinubu

News ToGo reports that Ogueze Venitius Chinyerugo, a pastor of the Deeper Life Bible Church located on Nnobi Road in Nnewi, Anambra State, has tendered his resignation from his role as district pastor of the church. This decision is a result of what he perceives as the general superintendent and church head, William Kumuyi, endorsing President Bola Tinubu’s government, as evidenced by recent comments regarding the administration…..CONTINUE READING....CONTINUE READING

In a letter dated August 23, 2023, Chinyerugo expressed his deep concerns and announced his resignation due to a viral video in which the church’s general superintendent ventured into politics by expressing support for the Tinubu administration, which Chinyerugo believed had caused hardships for Nigerians.

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Chinyerugo’s resignation letter, addressed to the regional overseer of the Deeper Life Bible Church, explained his decision. He mentioned feeling devastated, humiliated, and disappointed after witnessing the video where Kumuyi urged Nigerians to support the government and its ministers based on their alleged past performance.

He highlighted that Kumuyi’s past teachings had emphasized staying clear of political matters, and his recent involvement in endorsing the current administration contradicted those principles. Chinyerugo pointed out that Kumuyi had also made a controversial visit to then-President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

Furthermore, Chinyerugo questioned the moral basis for the administration to fight corruption and the quality of the ministers in the government. He expressed his disappointment and concern for the church’s reputation in the face of public criticism.

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Chinyerugo concluded by emphasizing the need for leaders to be righteous and God-fearing, as outlined in 2 Samuel 23:3. He suggested that supporting leaders should be conditional on their righteousness and a legitimate mandate, rather than mere prayers for their transformation.

He stated his intention to share this message through social media channels if it doesn’t reach Kumuyi through official channels, unless Kumuyi addresses the concerns raised.

Chinyerugo’s resignation reflects his personal beliefs and convictions regarding the church’s stance on political matters and its alignment with specific political figures and administrations…..CONTINUE READING