First Outbreak, have a wedding to go to


I recently contracted GHSV1 from my fiancé. I’m overall in good spirits/not worried about this long term…..CONTINUE READING

However, I am on day 4 of my outbreak, first full day of taking an antiviral. Tomorrow I am getting on a plane to head to the wedding of a close college friend. I have a work event in the same city the following week. All in all I’ll be away from home for 8 days. I’m staying with a friend but I’m so worried about being away from home going through this.

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The outbreak has been extremely painful. Each day my labia are more swollen, there are more spots, it hurts to pee, honestly feels like paper cuts all over my genitals. Luckily no fever, but feeling lethargic and nauseous from time to time.

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I guess I just need to rant about how shitty this all feels, and how little I want to have to attend all of these events feeling like this. Not really an option for me to pull out of any of it. Is there any chance I’ll start to feel better soon or should I prepare for a rough week ahead?…..CONTINUE READING