Foods That Can Damage Your Liver You Should Limit Or Remove From Your Diet

The liver is a very essential organ in the human body as it carries out several functions ranging from the synthesis of fats, proteins and carbohydrates we eat, the production of bile to the storage of blood. Hence the liver must be in good shape if we want to live healthier and longer.. .

In as much as it is important to eat foods that help protect the liver, it is also imperative that we avoid foods that are not easily processed by the liver hence can cause damage to this organ. According to a publication on Healthline, the following foods can damage the liver when eaten in excess. They are;
1. Fatty foods

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Fried foods, fast food means, takeout meals, packaged chips and snacks from many restaurants contain a high amount of fats which is not easily digested by the liver hence should be reduced or removed from our diet. You should instead consume more healthy homemade meals.
2. Starchy foods

Starchy foods like highly processed meals, pastes, cakes and baked foods are usually low in fibre and can damage the liver if not eaten in minimal amounts.

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Nigerian indigenous foods like starch, eba, akpu etc are also starchy foods that should not be eaten excessively.
3. Sugar

If you want to minimize the stress on your liver, you should cut back on foods that have high sugar content eg candies, sodas, cereals etc.
4. Salt

Foods high in salt can also damage your liver over time when eaten excessively. One effective way of reducing your salt intake is by eating less canned meats and vegetables or salted foods like deli meat or bacon
5. Alcohol

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Even though alcohol is not a food, it is also taken into the body hence comes up on this list. People who drink alcohol excessively end up getting their liver stressed as it undergoes rigorous work to process this substance.

When the liver is overworked, it can break down or get damaged. So if you want to ease the stress on your lover, you should reduce the intake of alcohol or even eradicate it completely from your diet

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