Ghanaian Lady Dumps Boyfriend After Traveling to the UK – Says She Won’t Waste her Money to Bring Him Over

A Ghanaian lady has dumped her Gh-based boyfriend after travelling to the UK.....CONTINUE READING

According to her, she is not going to waste her money to bring him over when she has siblings she can help.

The Ghanaian lady during an interview said that her boyfriend is free to try and make money and travel to the UK on his own but she’s not going to use her money to bring him over.

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She said if the guy can hustle and travel then they can rekindle their relationship but if he’s going to be stuck in Ghana then adios – she has to move on!

The host incredulously asked her that some guys bring their women over to the UK all the time so why can’t she do it for a guy.

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She simply reiterated that it would be a waste of her money.

Social media users praised her for the decision she had taken.

“If she’s my sister I will buy her a car for her wise decision,” one netizen said.

Another added: “I support her 100%. This is not marriage so she is not entitled to bring him there,”

Watch the video below…