Habits That Can Help You Avoid Suffering Stroke At Old Age

Stroke is an emergency that arises when the brain cells die due to poor flow of blood to the brain. If you have stroke, then there is need to get checked as soon as the symptoms start showing because it can lead to full inability to move any part of the body. It is more likely to happen yo older adults but there are certain habits or adjustments in lifestyle that could help lower a person’s risk of suffering stroke.....CONTINUE READING

In this article in line with a publication on Cleveland Clinic, we are going to have a look at some habits that can help lower your risk of suffering stroke at older age. Keep on reading and explore new knowledge.
What Are The Habits That Can Help Lower Risk Of Stroke?

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1. Don’t smoke – smoking is one habit that can cause stroke singlehandedly. Reason being that constant smoking leads to damage of the blood vessels and nerves thus raising risk of damages happening to the vessels. But as an older adult, endeavour to stop smoking.

2. Choose healthy foods and drinks – mix your food with natural sources such as fruits and veggies and also try as much as possible to stay away from soft drinks. Reason being that taken sugary drinks can raise risk of diabetes and diabetes is a major risk factor of stroke.

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3. Limit alcohol intake as much as possible because it has been proven that alcohol abuse or excess intake of alcohol can cause damage to the blood vessels and nerves in the body as well as weaken the heart.

4. Control your blood pressure as much as possible. High Blood Pressure is a major risk factor of stroke and as such, take your blood pressure seriously by eating healthy and exercising when need be to further reduce your risk of stroke.