Hand Paralysis: Medical Problems That May Be Responsible

Do you know that there are several medical issues that could be responsible for hand paralysis or numbness? If a person’s hand starts getting numb to the extent that he or she finds it really difficult to use the hand, then there is something wrong in the body that requires urgent attention so it doesn’t escalate…..CONTINUE READING....CONTINUE READING

In this article in line with a publication on Healthline, we are going to have a look at some of the medical problems that may be responsible for the hand paralysis. Just sit tight and enjoy this article while learning something new.

What are the Medical Problems That Cause Hand Paralysis or Numbness?

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1. Nerve damage – when the nerves in the hands are getting damaged, it may lead to numbness and paralysis of one hand or the hand affected.

2. Diabetes – when a person is suffering from diabetes, it is not out of place for he or she to have issues with nerves in the body. Sometimes the nerves die and if the nerves in the hand dies due to elevated blood sugar level, then he or she may end up having hand paralysis or experiencing constant numbness.

3. Stroke – this is a medical emergency that arises due to death of the cells in the brain. When it happens, it can cause some subtle signs such as numbness of the hands and some parts of the face, the earlier it is attended to, the better for whoever is concerned.

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4. Blood vessel inflammation is another health problem that also causes hand paralysis. When the blood vessels in your body are inflamed, you may have issues with numbness in various parts of the body including the hands and fingers. Once you start noticing these signs, make sure you report to a medical professional to avert any serious or severe complication…..CONTINUE READING