”Happy Birthday Papa Ejima”- Phyna celebrates Davido on his 31st birthday

In an unexpected turn of events, Phyna has tweeted Davido a happy birthday. “Happy birthday, Papa Ejima,” she tweeted, referring to his recent twin baby deliveries.....CONTINUE READING

Given Davido and Phyna’s tumultuous history, Phyna wishing him a happy birthday comes as a surprise.

They were at odds just a month ago. The incident began when Davido unintentionally liked a tweet that was critical of Phyna.

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Phyna aired her displeasure publicly, even mentioning Davido in her comment. In an unexpected answer, Davido revealed that he had no idea who Phyna was, further stoking the dispute.

Phyna, evidently irritated by Davido’s statement, didn’t mince words. Regardless of Davido’s acknowledgement, she emphasised her own self-worth and God’s appreciation of her.

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Her response also included a pointed jab at Davido’s personal life, referencing his multiple relationships and children despite being married. Davido, interestingly, chose not to respond to these comments.