“He Always Put Illegal Stuff in My Children’ Food And Drinks”– Actress Iyabo Ojo Reveals Reason for She Fighting Naira Marley For Justice

Iyabo Ojo has recently disclosed a personal grievance against Naira Marley that goes beyond Mohbad’s case. In a widely circulated online video, the actress shared that she used to send her children to the singer’s house, where he allegedly added illegal substances to their food and drinks.....CONTINUE READING

Iyabo Ojo mentioned that once the government’s proceedings with Naira Marley are concluded, she intends to initiate her own case against him.

In a widely circulated online video, actress Iyabo Ojo unveiled the startling details of her personal experiences with Naira Marley.
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The mother of two expressed that she initially believed Naira Marley to be a sensible person, which is why she allowed her children to visit his house.

According to her account, Naira Marley purportedly laced her children’s drinks and food with illegal substances, and she claimed that approximately three people can testify to these incidents.

The actress questioned whether she should be supporting someone like Naira Marley, especially in the case he has to answer regarding his former signee, Mohbad.

Iyabo Ojo also mentioned that after Mohbad receives justice and his case concludes, she intends to initiate her own legal proceedings against Naira Marley.

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Watch The Video Below;

The actress video got netizens calling her out for turning the case into a personal fight.

Read comments gathered below:


“I remember the first days of Mohbad passing when TVC was interviewing his mom, She said whenever she visits Mohbad in Marlian house he use to warn her not to eat or drink anything in that house, You should go watch his moms interview.”


“What kind of business are you doing with naira that makes you send your children to his house.”


“Hmmm…….na personal beef.”


“Anyhow wey una wan do am, just ensure that naira Marley and Sammy lary spend the rest of there life in prison. The rest no concern me. They must pay for all atrocities they committed against humanity.”


“Maybe the liberty and freedom you gave your kids was just too much at such a tender age.”


“I knew all along that all of your rants was never about getting justice for Mohbad. You have been nursing a personal Vendetta against Naira Marley because you said it in one of your live videos that he refused to sign one of your adopted sons. That’s the issue you have with him. Talking about your claim that Naira Marley is giving your children drugs, why didn’t you take it up with him all the while if you indeed have a case? “


“I no fit believe anything wey dis woman talk aje.. very anyhow person. I don’t blame her sha , I blame the gullible ladies following her blindly calling her queen mother , you never call your mama queen mother na celebrity wey get failed marriage and toxic you dey choose as role model.”


“From day one, I knew Iyabo Ojo was biased. Don’t understand why this woman is always in the news, every thing in life has happened to you ranging from raape, divorced and now Naira Marley druggged your children. May God deliver you in Jesus Name. You must be a very problematic somebody.”


“Iyabo what you are looking for very soon you’ll see it. Na wa oo.”