“He Needs it For Taxi”: Drama as Housemaid Asks Her Madam to Buy New Car For Her Boyfriend

A Nigerian woman shared how her housemaid asked her to help get a car for her boyfriend.....CONTINUE READING

The woman said her housemaid told her the boyfriend would use the car as a taxi…..CONTINUE READING

She was responding to a tweet by @nazom_ngini who asked people to share a story of people who made unusual requests for assistance from them.

The question goes:

“Has anyone ever made you an offer, or asked you for a favour that left you wondering, “what kind of image have I been putting out and why did they assume this was something I’d be comfortable with?”

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On her part, the woman said:

“One time, my domestic wanted me to buy a car for her boyfriend to use as taxi. I was like wow, God please.”

Others who responded to the tweet shared interesting experiences they have had with friends and relatives who make requests from them. The reply was screenshot and reposted by @tosinolaseinde.
People share requests made to them by friends and relatives

@TheRotimi_ said:

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“The day someone on here asked me where they could buy a gun I had a sit down with myself, I talked it out.”

@RareJem__ commented:

“When someone asked me to borrow them 950k to start business.”

@CecezSecret said:

“Someone asked me to pay for his masters that he’d pay me back after he graduates. I was dumbfounded.”

@Geralld_95 said:

“My guy that was traveling to Poland called me one time and ask me to borrow him 800k. I think say na glitch.” …..CONTINUE READING