How Abuja’s ‘one chance’ victim was attacked before her death – Co-passenger

Kike Okere, co-passenger of Greatness Olorunfemi, who died from the injuries sustained from the attack by ‘one chance’ operators in Abuja last week, has given a vivid account of the attack.….CONTINUE READING....CONTINUE READING

Ms Olorunfemi, a community developer, died at the Maitama General Hospital in the federal capital, where she was rushed to after the attack along the Katampe-Kubwa road.

She was reportedly thrown out of a fast-moving vehicle by her attackers on 26 September while on her way from work.

Ms Okere, a journalist, said they were both beaten up by members of the syndicate who demanded their ATM cards and mobile phones shortly after they boarded the vehicle.

She narrated at a press conference convened by Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), of which Ms Olorunfemi was a member, that when they got close to the bridge linking Maitama and Katampe, one of the operators moved and sat down between the two women.

She said one of the operators, a male, opened the door after moving around the town and pushed Ms Olorunfemi as she (Olorunfemi) was trying to get her balance, she fell from the vehicle.

Ms Okere further said after Ms Olorunfemi fell and was lying on the ground, the ‘one chance’ operator still ran over her with their car.

She said one of the operators, a male, opened the door after moving around the town and pushed Ms Olorunfemi as she (Olorunfemi) was trying to get her balance, she fell from the vehicle.

Ms Okere further said after Ms Olorunfemi fell and was lying on the ground, the ‘one chance’ operator still ran over her with their car.
The late Greatness Olorunfemi, a victim of the "one-chance" menace in Abuja, died after she was thrown out of the car.

She said, “On that fateful day, I closed from work around 5 p.m. and it was raining. I had to enter a Total Filling Station. After that, everybody started looking for a vehicle to their destination. Getting to NNPC tower, the bridge is where we normally get a vehicle to Kubwa.”

“There was no vehicle on the ground, it was just Dutse. Then, a vehicle came calling Kubwa. Already, there was somebody inside, there was a guy in front and one at the back. Because the rain was still threatening to come down, we just entered the vehicle.

“Immediately the vehicle moved. On getting to the Masalachi (Mosque) junction, Greatness now noticed that the door was not locked properly. She was now telling the driver to stop the vehicle so that she could lock the door because I entered before her and she was seated beside me. Immediately she turned, she noticed that the handle wasn’t there. The thing caught my attention.

“By the time we turned to face the driver, the glasses were already wound up and they were tinted glasses. The guy in front just pushed his chair backward and brought out a long gun while the one beside me brought out a short gun. They started beating the two of us. They immediately collected our bags, phones and ATMs.

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“As they were beating me because they saw a security pass, Greatness was crying, pleading for help. They were just hitting her. The one in front doesn’t have pity at all. He was just hitting her. It’s her ATM they first collected though they collected all the ATMs. They asked her for the pin of her ATM and she told them the pin. They asked me, too. We complied with whatever they told us. I don’t know if there was any money in her account. I don’t know what really happened. They just said ‘no be you we dey find.”

Ms Okere said thereafter the operators were moving around the town looking for more victims even with her and Ms Olorunfemi in the vehicle.

“We were just moving around the town as they were looking for more victims. On getting to that Maitama bridge linking to Secretariat, Aso Drive that connected to Kubwa, they now slowed down a bit and now opened the door.

“The guy beside me moved in between me and Greatness. I never knew what he wanted to do. I thought he wanted to have access to the two of us. I never knew he wanted to open the door for her to get out. The car was still in motion he just pushed down- telling her to get out. So she was trying to hold the door so that she could get her balance to be able to stand down. The guy used the door to hit her and said get out, leave this place. Immediately she fell on the floor, he now told her to ‘stand up na, stand up na.’ Before you know it, they just ran over the girl and moved. Immediately I shouted, and they started hitting me.”

She explained that the treatment the operators gave to Ms Olorunfemi was somewhat different from hers because they could not find money in the deceased’s account when they went to the ATM.
Hospital shuns police invitation

Meanwhile, YALI has frowned at the attitude of the management of Maitama General Hospital towards the investigation into the death of their member.

It said the hospital has yet to respond to the invitation by the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Police Command, Abuja.

Miss Olorunfemi was allegedly abandoned at the Emergency Unit of the hospital where she was rushed to.

According to viral videos and audio recordings, the staff on duty allegedly demanded a police report before they could render any care service to her thus leading to her untimely demise.
Maitama General Hospital

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YALI Network Coordinator, Moyosoluwa Oladayo, said the organisation was at the Police Headquarters Mabushi as early as 8:30 a.m. on 2 October to support the police in this case but discovered that the hospital management had yet to respond to the invitation by the force.

“We found out that the Management of Maitama General Hospital had not responded to police summons, no statement was written by them. Instead, we heard that they said an investigative panel was created and that the FCT minister is the head of the team.

“I am sure it is all over the news now. We worked closely with the police to ensure that the case was transferred to SCID FCT Command the same day.”

“YALI Network wrote a statement at the SCID FCT Command alongside the representative of the deceased family. Then the CID officer said we should come the next day to go to Maitama General Hospital. In his words ‘f Mountain no come to Mohammed, Mohammed go go to mountain’.

“We believe no one is above the law and we are calling out to Maitama General Hospital to respect the law and respond to the calls made by the Nigeria Police Force.”

Ms Oladayo said the organisation wants the collaboration of the FCT administration and the FCT Police Command in unravelling the death of Ms Olorunfemi at the hospital as well as the arrest of the syndicate.

She also called, among other things, “for thorough and independent investigation regarding Greatness’ death” and “a thorough and independent investigation into the allegation against Maitama General Hospital.”

Ms Oladayo said Nigeria must be salvaged by Nigerians despite the decadence within the society.

She said the organisation has the technical know-how to solve the perennial problems bedevilling the country.

She stated, “As a network building young leaders, we are sure that Nigeria will be fixed by Nigerians. We are convinced that we have the prerequisite to build a functional society.

“We are optimistic that the people-first approach will rule where the citizens will be at the centre of our developmental strategy. Where citizens will not be classified as only beneficiaries of laws and services but primary actors to plan, implement and evaluate our developmental strategy and we will show that people matter to building a sustainable and inclusive Nigeria.”

She said YALI has commenced “a two-week campaign to see that this sad incident of our dear Greatness birth our desired Nigeria.”

Meanwhile, the Senate also on Thursday demanded a thorough investigation into the death of Ms Olorunfemi.

Also on Thursday, the FCTA inaugurated a nine-member panel to probe the incident.….CONTINUE READING