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How To Get Rid Of Odours In The Bathroom

No matter how stylish your bathroom is, unpleasant odours can still linger. While it’s not a big issue within your family, it can be awkward when hosting guests. However, just because it’s a bathroom doesn’t mean the air should be unbearable.

To maintain a fresh-smelling bathroom, regularly clean the water closet (WC) at least twice a week, flush properly, and ensure proper ventilation.

Additionally, there are various ways to make the bathroom smell pleasant. Here are a few tips to eliminate odours in the bathroom.
1. Use an Air Freshener

While air fresheners are commonly used in homes, including bathrooms, they might not be the healthiest solution for managing odours. The most effective method is to keep the bathroom clean.

Opt for natural air fresheners in the bathroom. You can hang one on the wall or leave a spray bottle for air freshener if someone feels the need. However, a brief spray is sufficient, avoiding excess application on walls and floors. Consider using a gel odour eliminator as an alternative to air fresheners, as it won’t spill and doesn’t pose aerosol spray concerns for sensitive noses.
2. Maintain Good Ventilation

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Every bathroom needs effective ventilation to ensure fresh air circulation, significantly impacting its overall scent. In cases where a confined space leads to humidity retention and persistent odours despite thorough cleaning, investing in a bathroom extractor fan is a wise choice.

Bathroom with white walls and large black bathtub.

A bathroom extractor fan serves as a ventilation device designed to eliminate moisture and odours from bathrooms. It achieves this by extracting the moisture-laden air generated from baths, showers, and sinks. The fan pulls out the air and expels it outdoors through vents or ducts.

For those unable to afford an extractor fan, keeping the bathroom door or windows open when they’re not in use is an alternative. Both practices contribute to improved air quality by eliminating unwanted odours.
3. Keep Towels Clean and Dry

Bathroom odours often go unnoticed, and one contributing factor is overlooked: dirty or damp towels. When towels take too long to dry, they can develop a musty smell due to the growth of bacteria and fungi. If the towel is already dirty, it accelerates the rapid reproduction of these microorganisms.

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To prevent this issue, ensure to hang your towels to dry after each use and wash them at least once a week. Employ bleach or use the hottest water possible during washing to eliminate any germs that may have infiltrated the fabric.
4. Light a Scented Candle

Scented candles, with their heat and smoke, can effectively neutralise bathroom odours. Interestingly, despite common perception, unscented candles may prove equally effective.

Candles serve as convenient decorative items for the bathroom. Keep a lighter or matches nearby for easy lighting whenever needed. However, it’s crucial never to leave a candle unattended; extinguish it before leaving the room to ensure safety.

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5. Wash the Bathroom Regularly

Did you know that unpleasant odours in the bathroom can be a sign of dirtiness? The buildup of gunk in the bath or shower, stains in the toilet bowl, a neglected sink, and a grimy countertop can lead to odours if not cleaned regularly.

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An adult wearing protective yellow gloves cleans the toilet with a sponge.

It’s advisable to clean your bathroom at least once a week, with a more thorough cleaning session every month or two. This not only serves as good general maintenance but also helps in minimising daily odours.

Interestingly, while many might assume that the WC or toilet seat is the primary source of bathroom odours, that’s not always the case. Floors and bath mats can be even more significant contributors, accumulating microscopic particles and fluids released during toilet flushing.

When cleaning, ensure to thoroughly scrub the floors and mats. Additionally, don’t overlook cleaning the floor area behind the toilet to maintain a fresh and clean bathroom environment.
6. Empty the Bathroom Trash

Bathroom waste, including toilet garbage, menstrual products, and wet wipes, can emit unpleasant odours even without food scraps like in the kitchen.

It’s essential to regularly empty your bathroom trash can, not wait until it’s full. To save on trash bags, consider disposing of the bathroom trash in your larger kitchen can when you take it out.

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