How to know if your crush is also crushing on you

Navigating the world of crushes can be like trying to solve a mystery without clues.

You’ve got this special someone you can’t stop thinking about, but the big question is: do they feel the same way? Fear not!

Let’s dive into some tell-tale signs that your crush might just be crushing on you too.

Body language:

First up, body language – it speaks volumes. If your crush is into you, you’ll notice them leaning in while talking to you, making prolonged eye contact, or mirroring your actions.

It’s like a subconscious dance of attraction. They might also find excuses to touch you, like a gentle pat on the back or brushing your arm. These small gestures can say a lot more than words.

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The texting tell-tale

In this digital age, how someone texts you can be a huge indicator. Are they replying promptly and keeping the conversation going?

Do they send good morning or goodnight texts? These little digital breadcrumbs can mean they’re thinking about you beyond casual chit-chat.

And hey, if they’re using lots of emojis, especially the heart or winky face, that’s a pretty good sign too!

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They’re tuned in to you

Notice if your crush remembers the little details you tell them. Did they bring up that favorite movie of yours you mentioned once?

Or recall that story about your childhood pet? When someone’s got a crush, they tend to remember even the tiniest details you share because, well, they genuinely care.

Constantly seeking out your company

Does your crush make an effort to be around you? Maybe they show up at events they know you’ll be attending or they’re suddenly interested in activities you like.

If they’re going out of their way to spend time with you, it’s a pretty good sign they’re into you.

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So there you have it! While there’s no surefire way to know if your crush is crushing back without asking them directly, these signs can give you a pretty good idea.

Bear in mind however that every person is different, so take these cues as part of a larger picture. And hey, if the signs are pointing to yes, maybe it’s time to take that leap and let them know how you feel. Good luck!

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