I bought an old person’s house and transformed it into my dream home – but everyone’s distracted by one minor detail | The Sun

A PROUD homeowner has shared how she transformed the dated, old person’s property she bought.

And the results speak for themselves, as the woman with an eye for design gave it a makeover so that it looked like it could be from the pages of an interiors magazine.

But while everyone was mega impressed with her before and after transformation, many couldn’t help but get distracted by one of her design details and questioned why she’d done it.

Jodie, who has been sharing her progress since purchasing the property, unveiled the full makeover in a video on her TikTok @_smithhome.

The footage featured close up views of each of the rooms, which were mostly painted beige and had old-fashioned floral carpets.

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The living room even had a bright blue swirl print carpet with short, floral curtains, while the kitchen had a busy design with brown tiles and mismatched wallpaper.

But Jodie then showed how she’d come up with a plan to turn it into her dream home, complete with an extension and garden makeover.

The video then cut to show the final results, as it debuted the fresh and modern kitchen area with a statement high ceiling window.

The bright and airy kitchen led out to the revamped garden with sun loungers and a parasol.

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Meanwhile, the living area had a wooden floor and modern touches.





But it was her bedroom transformation that generated the most conversation among her followers.

@_smithhome showed how she’d opted for a light and bright vibe again, with a large cream bed in the centre, and classy accessories dotted around.

But over to one side near the window, there was a large stand alone bathtub that created the main focal point – and majorly confused people.

One TikToker questioned: “I love it… just one concern, umm why is the bathtub in the bedroom?”

A second social media user agreed, as they said: “Love it, but why is the bathtub in the bedroom?”

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A third wondered: “Bath next to the bed?!”

While a fourth added: “You have a bathtub in your bedroom?”

However, others said they loved the unique touch and couldn’t believe how different the entire home looked.

One social media fan commented: “Why do people only see wrong things? This transformation is insane!”

While another added: “Am I the only person that absolutely loves the fact the bath is next to the bed? Got me dreaming now!”
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