”I’m truly happy for my sis” Davido’s side chick Anita Brown congratulates Chioma

In a recent twist in the ongoing drama involving Nigerian music star Davido, his alleged former side chick, Anita Brown, has spoken out. Her comments come in response to the viral video of Chioma, Davido’s wife, who was seen dancing at his recent concert in Atlanta.....CONTINUE READING

Anita Brown took to her Instagram story to address the matter, posting Chioma’s viral video and extending her congratulations for attending her husband’s concert. This move by Brown was perceived as a significant step, especially considering the past rumors and controversies surrounding her and Davido.

Brown also addressed her followers, particularly those who had been tagging her in happy videos of Davido and Chioma. She expressed her desire to be left out of their narrative, indicating that she has moved on from any past involvement with Davido. Her message was clear: she is looking forward to finding better and more uplifting opportunities for herself.

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Beyond her personal growth, Anita Brown also mentioned her intention to empower women, suggesting a shift in focus towards more positive and impactful endeavors.

However, Anita Brown’s past has not been without controversy. A few months back, she faced severe backlash after being exposed for faking an ultrasound scan. The US entrepreneur, who had shared the photo presumably to announce her pregnancy, was called out by vigilant Nigerians who pointed out the inconsistencies in her post. Realizing her mistake, Brown took down the post, but not before facing significant criticism from the public.

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Adding to the intrigue, Anita Brown recently made comments that appeared to throw shade at Chioma. She compared the lives of women with wealthy partners, implying that some, including Chioma, despite having access to immense wealth, lead basic lives. Brown suggested that a popular starlet bartender had a more desirable lifestyle, hinting that Chioma was not making the most of her opportunities.

This series of events highlights the complex web of relationships and public perceptions surrounding prominent figures in the Nigerian entertainment industry. As Anita Brown seeks to redefine her public image and focus on empowerment and personal growth, the saga involving her, Davido, and Chioma continues to captivate the attention of their fans and followers.