Israeli army says making ‘significant’ achievements in Gaza, but ‘paying a heavy price’

“We are deploying forces on a large scale, deep in the Strip,” said Gallant to troops of the Air Force’s elite Shaldag and 669 units.....CONTINUE READING

“There are battles against the forces that are operating [in Gaza] and the results and achievements on the battlefield are very high,” he added.

“Unfortunately, in war, there are also prices, and the prices in the last day were heavy prices,” Gallant continued, stating, “Despite that, we are also determined to continue and win.”

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The IDF has confirmed that two soldiers were killed and two seriously injured in fierce fighting in Gaza on Tuesday and that “numerous” militants were killed.

The Israeli army began its full ground operation in Gaza on Friday, moving tanks, bulldozers, infantrymen and combat engineer units into the Strip.

But rather than make any quick advance on Gaza City, Israeli forces so far appear to have moved only slowly toward the enclave’s largest population center.

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Drawing on videos and photos from open and official sources, it appears as though Israeli forces crossed the border in three main locations.

Hamas promised to turn Gaza into a “graveyard” and a “quagmire” for Zionists amid increased ground operations.