Jay Boogie, Port Harcourt based Transgender, cries out for help, calls out doctor over failed ‘process’

Renowned Nigerian transgender model and cross-dresser, Daniel Anthony Nsikan, also known as Jay Boogie, ignited a frenzy on the internet when he publicly called out a surgical hospital over a botched plastic surgery.....CONTINUE READING

The Port Harcourt brand influencer, using his Instagram platform, dropped a bombshell, claiming to be in a dire medical pickle.

He pointed fingers at the female surgeon, Dr. Dinna, responsible for the plastic surgery, accusing her of having murderous intentions.

Jay Boogie went all out by exposing her phone number, social media profiles, and even posted a snapshot of their interaction at the clinic for all to see.

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His team members, who are said to be currently at the hospital, apparently spilled the tea to a well-known gossip blog, sharing the shocking details of what transpired.

They claimed Jay Boogie has started swelling and can’t pass out fluid. His team also alleged that Jay Boogie had undergone the surgery after undergoing extensive testing, all of which had given him a clean bill of health for the procedure.

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However, to their absolute bewilderment, the doctor who performed the surgery is now singing a different tune, suggesting that Jay Boogie has kidney problems.

“Before undergoing the surgery a thorough test was carried out on her and his team are alleging that all test came back negative and he was fit for the procedure, but noW.

The doctor who carried out the procedure is now alleging that Mr. Daniel Nsikan has kidn£y issues”, says his team members