JUST IN: Uzodinma Reveals ‘Next Imo Governor’

Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State has pledged to enforce the “charter of equity,” an unspoken agreement that mandates power rotation among the state’s three senatorial districts.....CONTINUE READING

Speaking during a visit by members of the Imo State Council of Elders to the Government House Owerri, Governor Uzodinma, a member of the APC, reiterated his commitment to this arrangement.

In the charter of equity, an understanding exists that power should rotate among Imo East (Owerri Zone), Imo North (Okigwe Zone), and Imo West Districts (Orlu Zone).

However, this arrangement was disrupted when Rochas Okorocha assumed the governorship in 2011, hailing from Orlu Zone.

Governor Uzodinma, who hails from Orlu Zone and has been in office for nearly four years, acknowledged the historical significance of the zoning arrangement. He emphasized the need to prevent acrimony, tension, and insecurity in the state.

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The governor’s commitment to upholding the charter of equity comes amid discussions about maintaining a rotational system in the state’s leadership to ensure fair representation for each senatorial district.
‘Next governor will come from Owerri, not Orlu Zone’

“When we met at our level, we convinced ourselves that situations like these happened before in other neighbouring states and what actually helped in taming the tide was the understanding that power must rotate from one senatorial district to another senatorial district.

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“And I am also aware that the confidence reposed on me is very huge and I will work hard to ensure that it is not betrayed. Next governor, by the grace of God, if I am alive here as the governor, will not come from the Orlu Zone,” Mr Uzodinma said.

“We have agreed in the charter of equity document that it (the governorship position) will go to the Owerri Zone,” he stated.

The governor assured that he will do more work in his second term with “fear of God,” stressing that the dream of a new Imo has become a reality.