JUST -IN: Video of El-rufai bragging about how he fought Yara’dua to the grave, Jonathan out of Aso Rock emerges

Former Governor of Kaduna State, Nasir El-Rufai was recently captured in a video bragging about how he fought the late President Umar Musa Yar Adua until his death…..CONTINUE READING....CONTINUE READING

He also disclosed his battle with former President Goodluck Jonathan and how he drove him out of the presidency to his home town in Otuoke.

“You say you want to pick a fight with me ok go ahead. Go and ask Umar Yar adua, ask Jonathan. I fought them, one went to the grave and the other to otuoke,” El-rufai said this at a stakeholder’s meeting.

His comment has raised concerns among Nigerians following his ministerial nomination into President Tinubu’s government.

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@Vhee11005639: If he wants to say these rubbish, he will start speaking hausa

@Mykoladoo: The green snake in the Nigeria Political Grass.

@EXTREMELIVING3: These are puppets ( highly corrupt) willing tools in the hands of colonial powers. Like Tinubu, most of these corrupt compromised politicians are in the pockets of Colonialists. They are not working for the interest of Nigeria. We have them all over Africa. I weep for Africa.

@So_Ran_Dum: I knew Yar’adua didn’t die normally. He was murdered

@Idemilinri: My brother, this government is a rewarder of criminality and corruption. Just check out all appointees under this govt. And get back to me

@OshilikeN: He has always being on the bad side of history….

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@zubbyifeaka: President yaradua, what a man, a president Nigeria needed so badly

@El_147mayaki: This is the person they want as minister, I’m sure his son Bashir is proud of his father.

@IntegrityAndEx1: This is the man Dr Doyin Okupe @DoyinOkupe thanks worthy to have as a minister of the federal republic of Nigeria.

@aduga30: Omo this man is bitter ooo don’t allow this man to come close to national politics ooo

@TallNerdy: This man na the Little Finger of Nigerian politics

@amazingoverseer: Once he starts speaking his Fulani language, just know it’s atrocity go full am…..CONTINUE READING