Kayode Did Not Give Up on Nada – They Clicked After Shooting His Second Shot!

Based on Nada and Kayode’s sweet love story, you will agree with us that the most important tip to finding love is never to give up – even after missing your first shot.....CONTINUE READING

Kayode certainly did not give up on the beautiful Nada even after she paid little attention to him the first time he approached her. Thanks to her friend, he was able to get her phone number and a brunch date which eventually led to their beautiful fairytale. After their colourful Ghanaian – Nigerian trad, the sweethearts exchanged their vows in a picturesque outdoor wedding and it was just so perfect…..CONTINUE READING

Nada exuded pure radiance in her lovely dress and Kayode was a super suave groom. The #NK4Eternity lovebirds make love look so beautiful and we can’t help but gush over their sweet wedding photos. We bet you will fall in love with every frame as you scroll.

Enjoy their white wedding photos and love story below

We can’t get over Nada’s ravishing glow! 😍

Their love story as shared by Nada:

We met on a Friday night. I wasn’t in the mood to go out that evening, but after much convincing by my friends, Tosin and Danielle, I decided to go out. Kayode initially approached me and attempted to strike up a conversation with me multiple times, however, I wasn’t interested at all. I left that night believing that would be the last time I would see him. However, as most people know Kayode is very persistent. Before we left that night, he approached Tosin to get to know more information about me, when she uncharacteristically gave him my phone number. This must have been divine intervention because Tosin would never do this.

The next morning, he messaged me to plan a “date”. I agreed, full disclosure, I was hungry. Little did I know he and Tosin had pre-scheduled a brunch date. When I arrived at the restaurant for brunch, funny enough, Kayode and I were matching. We both had on a yellow top and blue jeans, what are the odds? I truly believe our union stemmed from God’s invention, from my friends forcing me to go out that night, to Tosin giving him my phone number. We met in a season of healing and understanding ourselves. I thank God every day for Kayode.

A sweet moment with Mom and Dad 🥰

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Because every bride needs her favourite girls…

Let’s go get married!

Their love story as shared by Kayode:

On a Friday night when my brother Hakeem came to town to visit, we decided to go to a lounge. After getting to the lounge, Hakeem and I were relaxing in a corner and saw Nada and her friends arrive. I remember seeing her from across the bar and being too nervous to approach her, but my friend Hakeem pushed me to say something.

Let’s check out the dapper groom!

She shot me down multiple times but I was tenacious; I was not going to let this beauty get away from me. I spoke to her friend Tosin, who agreed to assist in planning a group brunch for all of us the next morning. The following day during the brunch Nada and I wore the same colour clothing which I thought was not only really cute but also fate. We had a great conversation; merrily ate and laughed. And the rest is history. I really thank God for bringing us together that night.

The groom and his suave men!

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This sweet first look is giving us butterflies!

The perfect outdoor decor for a lovely wedding 😍

Let’s begin with the bridal party’s entrance!

Here comes the groom!

The beautiful bride is here!

Time to exchange those heartfelt vows

A symbol of our unending love 😍

Sealed with a perfect kiss! 🥰

Joined for life!

The sweethearts serving premium doses of love and beauty! 🥰

Nothing beats being surrounded by your favourite people!

Before the reception begins, let’s take in the beauty of this dreamy decor!

A quick look at the reception decor 🥰

Let the reception begin!

Here comes the lovebirds

The sweet mother-son dance

Daddy’s little princess 🥰

May we have this first dance? 😍


A sweet toast to forever! 😍

The second outfit slay we signed up for!


It’s about to be a lit after-party!

Cake as sweet as our love! 😍


Yay! The bouquet toss 💃🏾


It’s all fun from here!

Here’s to happy ever after! 🥰