Lady who was sent to US at 6 years old reunites with mother after 15 years, they cry

A woman reunites with her mother after being human trafficked. Images: @kalkidantemsSource: UGC....CONTINUE READING

An Ethiopian woman has rediscovered her roots after being sent to the US as a kid without her biological family’s knowledge.
Woman reunites with family

In the TikTok video shared by @kalkidantems she shared her story of her mother being tricked because she was uneducated. The young lady claims an American agency took her away, placing her in an orphanage under the guise of providing an education.

For 15 years, the young woman and her siblings endured the pain of separation while her mother did everything to find them. In 2017, a life-changing email with a familiar face missing reached the Ethiopian woman. Her mother, determined to find her lost child, had been searching for years. The long-awaited reunion unfolded, marking the end of a heartbreaking chapter.

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Watch the video below:
Netizens moved by TikTok video

The young woman is now trying to raise awareness against international adoptions. Her story sheds light on such practices’ complexities and unintended consequences, urging a reevaluation of the systems that can lead to prolonged family separations. Through her advocacy, she hopes to prevent other families from enduring the pain of unnecessary and long separation.

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People flocked to the comment section to share their views:

@Christine k said:

“Another day to cry with strangers online.”

@John Daniels commented:

“I can’t imagine how healing that hug must have felt. So happy for you.”

@crankybean369 shared:

“She looks like she’s trying to hug you for all the years she couldn’t. A beautiful moment.”

@JazzyB9481 explained:

“This was such an extremely vulnerable moment, thank you for sharing it with us.”

@Star said:

“Our need for our mothers is primal.”