Meet The Old Man Who Has Locked Himself At Home For 55 Years For Fear Of Women

Neighbors said they have lived to see him inside his compound since childhood, and when he sees a woman attempting to enter his compound, he runs inside and locks himself. Many people were surprised when a 71-year-old man admitted in his story that he had not seen anyone of the female sex in more than 50 years.....CONTINUE READING

Callixte Mzamwita from Rwanda stated that he began locking himself in the house at the age of 16 and has never met a woman since then, despite being 77 years old. According to Afrimax English, Mzamwita has been locked in the house for the past 55 years. He stayed in his house the entire time because he didn’t want to meet or talk to any woman.

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“Even today, he allowed me to enter his house because you were here.” But he wouldn’t have let me in if it hadn’t been for him,” one woman told Afrimax.

“I lock myself in and put up a fence around his house because I don’t want any women approaching me.” “I don’t want women around me because they make me nervous,” the elderly man explained.

Neighbors claim that he has always been inside his compound since childhood, and that when he sees a woman attempting to enter his compound, he runs inside and locks himself.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, such a situation is caused by a condition known as Gynophobia.

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A situation like this can be caused by a variety of factors, including previous childhood events or cultural influence. The female neighbors said that many of them have been assisting him despite the fact that he does not like it when women approach him.

“We always throw food over his compound’s fence; he doesn’t want us to approach him, but he always takes what we throw to him from a distance,” one said. The odd thing is that the man does everything a normal person can do in his house, including using the bathroom, toilet, kitchen, and even sleeping.