Mum shares her surprising trick to keep vegetables fresh for MONTHS: ‘I’ve had this lettuce since January’

A mum has shared the simple trick that keeps her vegetables fresh for months, and all you need is some aluminium foil.

The Australian woman, called Cassie, posted on Facebook, where she said she simply wraps items like lettuce, carrots and celery into foil – which helps to keep them ‘for weeks even months’.

‘I have this lettuce with a use by tag on it from January that is still crispy and edible to this day,’ Cassie wrote.

A mum has shared the simple trick that keeps her vegetables fresh for months, and all you need to do is wrap it in some foil (pictured)

‘I’m the only one who eats it and I don’t use a lot at a time. Wraps or taco bowls etc for lunch.’

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She added that to do it, she wrapped the ‘whole lettuce in foil and kept in the bag it came in’.

The reason why al foil works so well at keeping food fresher for longer is because the foil protects the food from airborne bacteria and fungi spores, and it helps to retain moisture so the food doesn’t dry out as quickly.

It also works well with food in the freezer as it’s more airtight around the food.

1. Freeze extra tomato puree in ice cube trays – it’ll last for months

2. Store an apple with your potatoes to prevent spouting

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3. Storing tomatoes upside down to increase shelf life

4. Place paper towel on greens to keep them fresher for longer

5. Place a marshmallow in your brown sugar to avoid to going hard

6. Store nut butter upside down to prevent separation

7. Place celery in water to keep it crispy for longer

8. Store lemon with avocado to prevent browning

9. Store herbs in bouquet with water with a plastic bag over the top to prevent wilting

Previously, TikTok influencer Chantel Mila shared her tips and tricks to make fruit, vegetables, produce and herbs last longer

Hundreds of people who saw the post were quick to thank Cassie for sharing the hack.

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‘Wow if this actually works that’s amazing! I hate lettuce going soggy, I will try it out if I remember,’ one person wrote.

‘I’m going to try this with the fresh lettuce I got today,’ another added.

Others shared their own tips and tricks for keeping vegetables fresh.

‘I bought a lettuce container, makes it last for ages!’ one person wrote.

‘I heard if you cut it with plastic knife instead of metal it will go brown slower so I’ve been doing that. Never would have thought to wrap it in foil,’ another added.

A third added: ‘I do this too. Is works perfectly. I also do it with shallots and herbs’.

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