My Boys Will Assist President Bola Tinubu In Halting The Evil Men And Marching Them To Kuje – Dokubo

Asari Dokubo alledgedly visited the president in his office and they discussed so many things regarding the benefits of Nigerians. According to the report shared by Channels on twitter, Asari Dokubo accused the military, cabal of oil theft in Nigeria….CONTINUE READING>>>....CONTINUE READING

Asari Dokubo had a meeting with president Bola Tinubu and he disclosed to him that those halting evil in the country, will alledgedly be captured and taking to Kuje prison and his boys will assist the president in accomplishing it.

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He also stated that Bola Tinubu has promised to investigate allegations of huge oil bunkering and he promised to take action in order to halt the shameful act.

Asari Dokubo said that those people that are alledgedly causing problem in the country are operating from Abuja, and many of them would soon be marching to Kuje. He also made a statement saying;

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“He has volunteered to use his boys to assist and do the necessary to halt the evil”….CONTINUE READING>>>