“My dad is a bus driver”: Young lady publicises her father’s business online

A Nigerian lady, Erege Ngozi Susan, has shown off her father’s bus driving business on social media with pride.....CONTINUE READING

Sharing pictures of his bus and others taken of him and her, Susan emphasised how important it is to find a reliable bus driver who is professional, experienced and can get passengers to their destinations on time and put forward her dad as the right choice.

Rolling out her dad’s CV in a convincing manner on Facebook, Susan said he has over 10 years of experience, adding that he understands the importance of safety.

She said her dad is available for charter, weddings, church retreats and all forms of trips. Susan went on to release his phone number, stating that his location is in Aba, Abia state. Her post read in part:

“…As a father, he understands the importance of safety and reliability when it comes to transportation. He has been a professional driver for over 10 years, and has a perfect safety record.

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“If you need someone who can convey your properties to wherever you’re relocating to, in the East, he’s available.

“His bus is also and always available for charter; for church retreats, wedding ceremony for group of people, organized group events, etc.

“He doesn’t drive on speed, because he knows everyone’s life is important to them. He renders good services, which will make you return for a good review.”

Netizens swooned over her post with nice messages.
Erege Ngozi Susan earned the admiration of people

Achara Man said:

“In a time where people no longer care about integrity and genuine means of livelihood you have taken a positive stand in the right direction may God bless your family and may he provide more for your Dad you are such a nice person.”

Emeka Okoro said:

“Very impressive! This is quite unusual you don’t see ladies come out openly to promote their parents business.. God bless you dear and grant u all ur heart desires this is unique.. “

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Mimmyng Gina said:

“Love this!❤️

“Nnem, because of this GOD WILL BLESS AND SURPRISE YOU for doing this for your father. I love you.”

Rotr Kevin Sandra Chinenye said:

“Very impressive!❤️

“God bless him and you.

“More jobs in Jesus name Amen .”

Oluchi Erege said:

“Ada bekeem nwaomam it shall be well with you all the time no weapon formed against you shall prosper in Jesus name amen we love you Ngozi Susan Erege.”

Unique Emm An said:

“God bless you for using ur platform to promote your dad’s craft.

“So many people shy away from their background, forgetting that anything legit that puts food on one’s table should be acknowledged and appreciated.”