My wife’s fidelity is unquestionable, she was never Obasanjo’s secretary, Sam Ajibola clears air

Actor Sam Ajibola has cleared the air on multiple claims and allegations against his wife Sandra, saying that she was never a secretary to former president Olusegun Obasanjo and her fidelity is questionable to him.....CONTINUE READING

Sam stated this in a defamation suit against bloggers Tunde Ednut and Gossip Bobo who posted a video saying that their son shares a striking resemblance with Obasanjo and that Sandra was his former secretary.

In a statement shared via Instagram on Friday, Sam said the video prompted many to question his wife’s fidelity to him and others speculated that she is older than him and made him quit the Africa Magic seriesThe Johnsons.

The suit read in parts: “Our client has at no point whatsoever been the secretary of President Olusegun Obasanjo as claimed in your video publication, nor has she ever been a staff in his employ. It befuddles the mind how you came upon such an assumption, yet not being one to let the truth get in the way of creating social media content, you proceeded to publish the said scandalous video, hence bringing our client to disrepute and exposing her family to contempt and ridicule. Your injurious publication which has since gone viral, currently adorns the media spaces of several notable bloggers on Instagram, including but not limited to @kraskhg, @savageresponses, and @mazitundeednut, whose glowing credits of your making of the post, you appreciated in their comment sections. (Images files attached).”

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The actor further noted that his family has faced harassment and his son bullied on several occasions.

“This Harrasment has continued from my engagement news where they began with false allegations that my wife was older than I am and was controlling my decisions like leaving The Johnsons, to blatant lies that she was called my class captain, and now for over a year these trolls have further bear false witness to the point where they question my wife’s unquestionable fidelity to me, and ultimately bullying my innocent son who they have planned to grow and meet these false allegations. This is the very reason why a lot of famous and prestigious people crave for private lives.

“It is because lately, quite a number of young people on social media (as we have observed from the comments and all) are mostly dysfunctional and insensitive youths with the confidence in their false witness when they display their disrespect for others in societies where there is a huge lacuna of societal leadership. This clearly as in this case of @gossipbobo, whom in sharing his misinformed opinion about our lives in public to the detriment of their mental health, relates to the almost impossible art of most Nigerians who can easily die from not “minding their own business”.
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“Honestly, I’m hurt and for the sake of being a proper boy from the streets of Surulere, I know how to find justice there but for the same of my emotional maturity, I have found more decent and honourable ways to handle this lingering issue, from the various powers I know in the Judicial/security sector. As we speak a national security advisor, a Magistrate of the Supreme Court and my wife’s legal advisor are on top of the matter. Thankfully, we have found a few scapegoats to use in warning others to stay away,” Sam wrote.