Nigerian Man Suffers Great Loss after Asking Younger Brother to Take Care of Business, Video Stirs Emotions

A Nigerian businessman had a terrible day after his younger brother’s mistake led to the death of more than 879 fishes. According to the heartbroken man, he had a busy schedule so he asked his younger brother to change the water and feed the fishes….CONTINUE READING....CONTINUE READING

However, his younger brother forgot to close the discharge channel of one of the ponds, which led to the death of the fishes.

The man who was devastated by the loss asked his security man to start digging a mini-grave for mass burial.

Everyone including the businessman mourned as his security man continued to dig the grave.

They paid their last respects to the fish as the grave was fully covered.

In his words;

“I was busy so I sent my younger brother to change water and feed the fishes. Unknowly to him he forgot to close the discharge channel of one of the ponds. Which lead to the death of more than 879 fishes.

“We started digging a mini grave for mass burial. Everyone was mourning. While my security continues to dig the grave. I was literally crying, seeing my fishes buried in mass. The grave was fully cover. I paid my last respect. That was how I had a bad day.”

The incident has sparked a conversation on social media with many people expressing their condolences to the man.
Reactions as man loses over 800 fishes after asking brother to take care of his ponds

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@john_cloud01 reacted:

“Sorry for your loss but why is that your brother still smiling in the video? You don’t have oraimo cord?”

@thegeminicookiee reacted:

“These people don’t look they are mourning especially the one that caused the death of the fishes.”

@abeniherself reacted:

“So all the fish we are eating is alive fish?”

@tommybomb_official said:

“This is so sad but don’t worry bro, just Dey chop fish Dey go for the next 2 months as long as you get freezer to stock them. Abi you wan waste the fish cos them die untimely death?”

@ms_naomil commented:

“Good thing you people disposed of it, some people would have sold it regardless, so sorry for vour loss.”

@buddizie commented:

“I don’t know why the only day you relax and ask someone to help you, they’d never do it well. But if it were you, you’d bend your back over to make sure the person you’re helping is satisfied and happy. Since I noticed this, I no dey ask people to help me do anything again. They don’t exhibit the same zeal and passion you use when you’re the one helping them. Sorry bros.”

@adesina_damola_ commented:

“The water didn’t get contaminated. He forgot to close the discharge channel of the pond (which means the pond lost lot of water and the remaining water there is not enough for all the fish to survive and probably direct sun hit them and they died because they couldn’t hide from the hot sun or the dissolve oxygen in the water is too low because of the extremely low water level).”

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@aminudecomedian_ reacted:

“Nobody can handle your business like you, sadly all this siblings na only billing they sabi, to even support your for the business wey the bring the money na problem!”

Watch the video below:

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