“No try am next time”: Reactions as American man mixes fufu and rice in video

In a video shared on TikTok by @lifeofcian, an American man was seen venturing into the world of Nigerian cuisine.....CONTINUE READING

With an open mind and a curious palate, he sampled traditional dishes such as fufu and egusi, as well as the beloved jollof rice.

American man attempts Nigerian food for the first time

While the American man seemed to relish every bite of the Nigerian delicacies, it was his unconventional decision to combine fufu and jollof rice that caught the attention of netizens.

In Nigeria, it is uncommon to eat fufu and jollof rice together, leading to a spirited online debate about the appropriateness of the combination.
Netizens react and offer culinary advice to American man

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The video quickly gained traction on social media, with Nigerians expressing their opinions about the American man’s food pairing.

Some netizens playfully advised him not to try such combinations again, while others appreciated his adventurous spirit and encouraged him to continue exploring Nigerian cuisine.

@Ugotex Exchange said:

“Don’t combine fufu with rice again.”

@David Abasiri reacted:

“That thing you did with the rice and fufu below no try am next time.”

@Jacob Tabasa commented:

“Can someone explain why you shouldn’t combine rice with fufu please.”

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@Benny reacted:

“PIs note there’s nothing wrong in chewing your swallows(fufu), I’m a Nigerian I chew mine.”

@Itanoluwa reacted:

“U see dat combo of fufu and rice no try am again for ur life.”

@S2less reacted:

“Rice with fufu is wild, but glad you enjoyed our culture lol.”

@Adaeze said:

“For all of you saying “please don’t eat the rise with fufu” o just the man eat. you can’t eat food wrong if he likes it he likes it. Chillaz.”

@Okamgba Patrick reacted:

“U eat only the fufu and soup eat the rice separately.”

Watch the video below: