Old Widow Travels to Another Town and Runs into Triplets Who Look Like Her Late Son And She Was Shocked

“An elderly widow travels to another town to fulfill her late husband’s final desire, but things take an unexpected turn when she meets a trio of five-year-old triplets who resemble her late son…..CONTINUE READING....CONTINUE READING

Dorothy Weaver had been reduced to a sad soul after the death of her son, Derek, 17 years ago. But things quickly began to get even more difficult for her when her beloved better half died three months ago of a heart attack. Morgan Weaver was a huge man with a broad grin, who had helped Dorothy cope with the loss of their son. Dorothy was back in the same position now that Morgan was gone as well—sad, lonely, and heartbroken. Dorothy did not leave her house or speak to anyone for more than a month after Morgan had died.

Yet one morning, she realized she had been so preoccupied with her sadness that she had completely forgotten about Morgan’s deathbed desire. Of course, he wasn’t saying anything as he lay on a hospital bed surrounded by the stink of hospital medication, but she couldn’t get that expression out of her head because it was the last thing Morgan smiled at her. “Please stop saying such things, Morgan,” Dorothy gently reprimanded.

“You’re not leaving, are you?” and “I’m not going to grant any of your ridiculous wishes. You’re free to tell me whatever you wish after you’ve recovered and gone home.” He let forth a faint laugh. “Please, honey, pay close attention to what I’m saying. I’d like you to travel to my hometown and look for a woman named Linda Fleming,” he wheezed. “You must beg her.” He abruptly started struggling to breathe. “What happened, Morgan?” doctors and nurses Dorothy became concerned when she saw his breathing had grown uneven. She raced outside to call for aid, but Morgan had died by the time a doctor arrived.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Weaver,” the doctor apologized. “Mr. Weaver has died.” Dorothy couldn’t stop crying as she remembered that awful day. Yet she was wondering who Linda Fleming was in the back of her thoughts. So she flew to Morgan’s homeland to discover more about her and fulfill his dying desire.

She couldn’t stop crying when she arrived at his childhood home near the seashore. It held a lot of sentimental meaning for Morgan, so he never rented it out. Yet with him gone, it appeared forlorn and depressing. It still had all of his pictures on the damaged walls and in his albums in drawers.

She grew so unhappy while seeing the house that housed all of his memories that she decided to go for a walk down the beach to distract herself. She stood on the cold beach for a minute, the surf laughing at her feet, thinking that things would have been so different, so wonderful, if Morgan had still been alive. A ball landed near her feet, interrupting her thoughts. When a young boy ran up to her, she looked down and was about to pick it up. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he smiled, picking up the ball and sprinted away. Dorothy smiled back at him.

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When she looked back, she spotted the boy playing with two other kids, two young boys who resembled him. They were triplets, but Dorothy was taken aback by how much they resembled Derek. “How is that possible?” she wondered. She decided to follow them that evening to find out where they lived and saw they trotted a bit further from the beach to a damaged house. They went inside by themselves. After opening the door, she couldn’t stop thinking about the triplets and how much they resembled Derek that night at home. So, she resolved to meet with their parents the following day.

When she came, though, no one answered the door. “Hello, is anyone here?” she called out again, but received no response. Dejected, she motioned to leave the house, but the door unexpectedly opened, revealing one of the boys inside. “Yes, good morning, sweetheart. Could I please speak with your mother or father? Is anyone home?” The youngster shook his head. “Mama is ill. She was admitted to the hospital, and Daddy no longer lives with us because—” Lord Dorothy exclaimed, “Are you staying here by yourself, honey? Is anyone watching out for you?”

“Mrs. Green used to visit us, but she collapsed and injured herself, so I stayed with my brother, Sam, and Harry. Mother promised to come back soon.” Dorothy looked over at the young child and observed the appalling conditions in which they had been staying. The house appeared to be in need of repair, and the tiny child appeared to be in poor health. “What’s your name, sweetheart? Have you had anything to eat?”

“My name is Tom. Mommy left some bread for us, but I’m not going to eat it. I’m hungry, and Sam and Harry are as well.”

“Well, how about some sandwiches and cookies, Tom? I can make them for you if you come. Do you want that?” The boy’s eyes shone bright. “Cookies are indeed my favorite. Mommy always bakes those cookies.”

“Well, then let’s make some for you.” Dorothy prepared cookies for the boys, and she couldn’t keep her gaze away from them as they ate. They appeared to be hungry because they hadn’t eaten in a long time. “Tom, when did your mother go to the hospital? Did you happen to know which hospital she visited?” Dorothy inquired as the boy finished his meal.

“She left a few days ago. I had her contact information.” He raced into a drawer and came back with a note. “When the ambulance arrived to take Mama away, the doctor gave me this.” Dorothy opened it to read, but when she saw it, she was taken aback. Linda Fleming was the name, and the address was a local hospital. She couldn’t believe her eyes for a moment and wanted to see Linda right away.

She didn’t want to leave the triplets alone, so she waited until Linda got home. She watched after the triplets for a few days and became attached to them. Mrs. Green volunteered to help her, but Dorothy said she was glad to look after them on her own because she was an old friend of Linda’s and had come to meet her.

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When Linda returned home and saw Dorothy, the young mother became terrified. “Who are you, and why are you in my home?” Linda inquired angrily. Dorothy told the entire tale of how she discovered the triplets on the beach and began caring for them. Linda calmed down and apologized after hearing that. “I’m terribly sorry. My name is Linda Fleming. What about you?” As Dorothy said her surname, she observed the change in Linda’s attitude and a peculiar apprehension in her eyes.

“I mean, I’m sure you’re aware. Morgan passed away. He said I should come here and apologize to you.” It’s strange how much your children resemble my son. At one time, I suspected my husband had cheated on me, Dorothy said.

“Please, Mrs. Weaver, nothing like that exists. I’m the daughter

of your husband. He’s my father, you see.” Dorothy was taken aback. “Morgan, on the other hand, never mentioned it.”

“Mrs. Weaver, how could he? Because it was completely his fault. It all started when Linda told her heartbreaking story about Morgan abandoning her and her mother years ago because he didn’t want to accept responsibility for them. He was 18 at the time, and he was dating Linda’s mother. Morgan, on the other hand, simply walked away from their life when she became pregnant. Oh God, that is horrible, Morgan. I can’t believe you did that,” Linda expressed her embarrassment.

“Honey, what happened to your mother? Why are you and your children on your own?”

“Mrs. Weaver, I believe history has repeated itself. My mother died in an accident, and my husband abandoned me because he didn’t want to care for our children. To be honest, I’m shocked my so-called father remembers me at all. During these years, he never came to see me.”

“Linda, please accept my heartfelt apologies. I also believe it is my fault. I should have persisted in learning more about his background. That, I believe, is why he sought to plead for forgiveness in his final days.”

Dorothy said, “At the very least, I’m delighted he did it.” Linda Dorothy gave a nod. “He’s no longer alive.” Linda expressed her condolences to Dorothy for her loss. “I understand how lonely it is to be alone. If they find out how we’re living, I’m afraid they’ll call CPS and take my children away. As a result, I don’t let anyone in. That’s why I was surprised to see you here. But thank you for caring for them.”

“Mrs. Weaver,” said Linda, “it’ll be fine, honey. Actually, I have a thought.” Dorothy responded because she was lonely. The older woman recommended that Linda and her children move into Morgan’s old house and that she watch after the children. Linda paused for a while, then nodded tearfully.

Dorothy felt fortunate with a beautiful daughter and three adorable grandchildren in the disguise of Linda and her boys. From that day forward.”…..CONTINUE READING