Perform or Leave -Tinubu to Ministers

President Bola Tinubu, on Wednesday, said Ministers will be made to sign performance bond adding that non-performing Ministers will be asked to leave....CONTINUE READING

This is just as the President announced that the Ministers will be made to sign a performance bond at the end of the ongoing three-day retreat

The President, while declaring the Ministerial retreat open at the Conference Center, Presidential Villa, Abuja, announced that he had appointed Hadiza Usman to head to the ” Results Delivery Unit” to oversee the unit

The President said his government has jobs to do and added that ” We can’t complain and give excuses. It is our country, and we have to give hope to the near hopeless, to the Nigerians in doubt whether our Economic policies are the right way to success.

Tinubu, who stated that he remains President for all Nigerians, added that a great Nigeria is possible.

The President, who noted that he has selected the best in various spheres the nation can offer, told the Ministers and top political appointees to give hope to Nigerians.

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“I have stated that no one can stand alone; you must make a positive team.

” I accept the assets and liabilities of my predecessor, urged the Ministers to make good of the opportunity and not wreck it, adding that the Ministers must take advantage of the opportunity to navigate it through turbulent and unclear weather.

“We can see the chaos, but don’t be afraid, don’t look at the sky, be focused

The President said he has taken the last six months to assess the country and urged them to use the opportunity to change things

” whether they can bring their capitals and repatriate profits, he reassured that those obstacles are gone

The President, who stated that no one is an island, added, “The buck stops on my desk.

“You have a freehand, but you must be intellectually inquisitive.

” I have taken Hadiza Bala to head that unit delivery. Yes, you must achieve it.

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The President noted that Nigeria has great talent worldwide, adding that despite the challenges, Nigerians can still build the country. It is our country. We have no other one. We can fight to make democracy work.

” Don’t be afraid to make decisions, adding that he is humane and can make mistakes, but urged his aides not be afraid to point out his mistakes.

” I believe in Nigeria; don’t invite any foreigner to give me lectures about governance, I have been through it.

The President assured his administration would transform the economy and take 50 million out of poverty.
Don’t be wicked. We must agree that we will overcome corruption.

” We are here to switch off the light, make Nigerians included, don’t be selfish about it, poverty is not a shameful thing, but let us work and abandon it.

” I am ready to enjoy the retreat going forward. We are not retreating backwards, but we are going forward