Police Officers To Retire At Age 65

The Police Service Commission and the Nigeria Police Force are contemplating the extension of the police retirement age to ei­ther 65 years or 40 years in the service.....CONTINUE READING

It was gathered that the idea was mulled as a result of the re­tirement of several competent police officers which had affect­ed the effectiveness of the force.

It was also gathered that the recommendations were among the several others presented by the Chairman of the Police Service Commission, Solomon Arase, to the Inspector-General of Police, Kehinde Egbetokun, as part of plans to reform and professionalise the police force as contained in the Nigeria Po­lice Force Scheme of Service.

Among other policies be­ing considered under the NPF Scheme of Service is a propos­al to ease out junior officers at the inspectorate cadre unless there is a conversion based on additional academic qualifica­tions.

However, if the policy is ap­proved, the affected policemen will not be promoted beyond the rank of Chief Superintendent.

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The recommendations for inclusion in the NPF service scheme read, “Rank and file should terminate at the in­spectorate cadre unless it is a conversion based on additional qualification but should not rise beyond the rank of Chief Super­intendent of Police.

“Non-graduates should not be promoted to the SPO cadre. The scheme of service should cover traffic warden personnel as a specialised arm of the force.

“Abolish the concept of gen­eral duty or limit it to a specific number of years after initial en­try to allow new intakes to devel­op skills, gain competencies and acquire relevant experience to progress into specialised areas.

“Length of service in the NPF should be extended to ei­ther 40 years or 65 years of age, whichever comes first.’’

When asked about the pro­posal to ease out junior officers who failed to provide additional qualifications, the force spokes­man, Muyiwa Adejobi, simply said, “A recommendation is not a policy.’’

Explaining the decision to extend the service tenure to 65 years for policemen, the spokes­man for the Police Service Com­mission, Ikechukwu Ani, said the commission’s chairman, Arase, believed that the early retirement of seasoned police officers had robbed the NPF of what he called institutional memory.

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On the plan to peg the exit rank for junior officers who had no additional qualifications to CSP, Ani stated that the person­nel had been directed to present their certificates.

‘’What I know is that they asked those with additional qualifications to submit their certificates. The policy behind it is that they can move up to fill certain positions.

“There are some policemen that read law and they are corpo­rals and they go to court to rep­resent the police and the NBA (Nigerian Bar Association) said it is wrong. The chairman said there is a need for them to be in short service and upgraded so they have self-confidence in the job they do,’’ the PSC spokes­man disclosed.