Scared Nigerian workers quit work after their boss began giving them free food

A Nigerian employer was stunned after some of his staff resigned because he gave them free food.....CONTINUE READING

The man, Engr Omotayo Oyerokun, shared the development on Facebook with a back story to it.

According to Omotayo, whose bio reads that he is the CEO of Aridan Construction Nigeria, he paid Bloomberg and Google a visit and found out they gave their staff free food everyday.

On returning to Nigeria, he decided to replicate it at his company but it didn’t sit well with some of his workers.

He said one of his employees told others he was using their destiny by virtue of the free food and this made some resign. Omotayo, however, noted his company was doing better since they left.
People react to the employer’s staff resignation

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Abraham Uyoyoghene Philip said:

“Poverty mentality and ignorance on rampage.”

Ojo-lanre Oluwabukola Cecilia Oluwayemi said:

“What a poverty-stricken mentality…Good radiance…”

Prince Adewale Makanjuola said:

“Most manufacturing company does same for their staff in Nigeria too. Where does that your staff get the ideology from?”

Olu Bank-Showunmi said:

“Hahaha. But you should show them why you are doing it.”

Olorunfemi Ade-Abrahams said:

“Huh! A people ever familiarized with gbas-gbos can’t cherish or value orderliness… Keep doing the good God’s laid on your heart to do. We will be fine!”

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Caulcrick Ayo said:

“Trust issues.. He probably has grown up around people who are always suspicious or spiritualising everything. He also may not have experienced true care/love.”

Boss gives N409k to each of his workers

In a related report, a kind boss had given N409k to his staff amid the high cost of living.

Speaking on why he carried out the kind act, Anderson said:

“When you talk to individual members of staff, there’s fear of fuel going up – they were putting £60 in their tank, and it’s now £80.”

The man’s act of kindness was shared on Instagram by @ladbible.