Some sexual health problems that are common in men and their causes

According to Medicalnewstoday, m en can have a variety of sexual health problems that can make it difficult to have a fulfilling relationship with their partner. Look at a few of them below:
1. Infertility....CONTINUE READING

Infertility is the inability of a man to impregnate a woman or have children. Recent research has shown that the man’s infertility issues account for over 65% of marriages ending in barrenness. A thorough physical examination, lab testing, and semen analysis are required to identify the precise cause of male infertility.

Low sperm production, anatomical anomalies, testicular injuries, and hereditary illnesses are just a few of the many causes of male infertility. The most frequent causes of male infertility are issues producing healthy sperm. Sperm could be immature, have an odd form, or not be able to swim. Sometimes a man might not have enough sperm.
2. Semen expulsion problems

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,Semen expulsion abnormalities are among the most prevalent sexual health issues in men. This entails discharging of sperm prematurely during intercouse. A man’s self-esteem can be severely damaged by ejaculatory issues. This syndrome causes men to feel inadequate and have a poor opinion of themselves.

Depression, stress, strained relationships, performance anxiety, and other factors are among the main reasons of ejaculatory dysfunction.
3. Erectile dysfunction

One of the issues that men encounter most frequently is erectile dysfunction, or ED. The inability to achieve and sustain a stretched genital is known as ED. About 50% of men over the age of forty suffer from this debilitating illness.

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Impotence and ED in older men are primarily brought on by vascular disorders and other blood flow issues, such as excessive blood pressure. Smoking, taking too many prescription pills, having prostate cancer procedures, and abusing alcohol or other substances are additional risk factors for developing ED. In addition, emotional and psychological disorders like sadness, weariness, and interpersonal connections challenges might contribute to it.