Tears as murdered FUT Minna lecturer is laid to rest

Children, family, colleagues, church members, and friends could not stop tears from flowing when lecturer of the Federal University of Technology (FUT) Minna, who was killed by her housemaid, Dr. Fumilola Adefolalu, was laid to rest.....CONTINUE READING

Adefolalu was buried at the Christian Cemetary at David Mark Road in Minna after a solemn service at the Voice of Mercy Ministry where she was a Pastor.

Even though those who attended the internment at the graveside tried to be brave and hold back, the tears came voluntarily when her body was laid down and sand poured on the coffin.

The words of ‘dust to dust’, and ‘ashes to ashes’ made family, colleagues, friends and church members to start crying.

During the solemn service, the deceased’s first daughter, Toluwalope Adefolalu-Odogiyon, said her mother gave her all and worked each day as if it was her last.

“Mummy, my heart was completely broken and shattered by the news of your death. I didn’t know it was possible for a heart to ache with so much pain, literally, and still continue to beat. It still sounds unbelievable. I have so many questions but I know nothing could have prepared me for the agony, immense heartache, overwhelming thoughts, and traumatizing episodes that came with losing you.

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” My mother lived well and fully, she held nothing back. I am not your Maker but I am somewhat certain you gave your all and you lived fully. I believe you are enjoying the rest you talked about. That I will miss you Mummy is an understatement. We had very good memories and even more plans for the future, this is what hurts the most.

“I miss our long gists already, your laughter, your prayers and your pampering me. You were there through every milestone and life season, every single one. Missing you is very painful but I am more thankful that I had you as a Mom for the time that I did and grateful for the memories,” she said.

Her son, Seyi Adefolalu, who read the biography, said it still feels surreal adding that he never felt he would end the year this way.

“Daddy could not see the man I would become. Now, you wouldn’t see the father I will become. Who shall I take my bride to now? Who shall cry with me when I become a daddy? You only but recently joked about the lady I would marry and now you wouldn’t see that too. This hurts really bad.

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” Your voice, how can I forget, u didn’t really like that then but now I know. Your kisses, how can I forget, your hugs, your whippings, and your preachings, how can I forget? Words fail me, tears fail me, and dreams feel real but this can’t ever be real to me this can’t be the way I end this year but God knows. Iya Jesu, the nickname I just gave you. My strong woman. Goodnight. Rest in joy till we meet again,” he said.

The Senior Pastor of Voice of Mercy Ministry, Rev. Ojo Peters described her as ‘Mama Mercy’ saying that she was very strong and pastored the branch where she was a Resident Pastor very efficiently.

He said that he preached the shortest message of his life on the day she was found dead in her residence adding that he had several questions which remain unanswered but he believes that God has a reason for everything.

Peters pointed out that her death remains a mystery that no one can fathom but stated that God understands better than anybody.