Unusual video of man with open skull surfaces online

A video featuring a man with what appeared to be an open skull has captured the attention of many viewers online.....CONTINUE READING

The video quickly went viral, prompting numerous viewers to express their astonishment and concern in the comments section.

In the intriguing footage, the unidentified man, donned in a red jersey, showcased his unusual condition.

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His head seemed to lack the typical protective cranium, exposing what appeared to be a cavity where the skull should have been.

Video shows a young man with open skull

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The visual left many viewers both perplexed and curious.

Video shows a young man with open skull

Despite the unconventional and somewhat unsettling nature of the video, the man calmly responded to a series of questions posed to him during an impromptu interview.

Details regarding the man’s background and nationality remain undisclosed, leaving viewers with a mystery to ponder.

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After the brief exchange, the video showed the man being escorted by the individual who conducted the interview, further deepening the mystery surrounding this unusual encounter.

Not surprisingly, the peculiar footage garnered significant attention across various online platforms, with social media users flooding the comment section to share their thoughts and speculations.

The video left many people both fascinated and concerned, as the man’s condition defied conventional expectations of human anatomy.
Netizens Reactions…

Supreme Leader: “Where is the medulla oblongata?”

Sheila: “‎How is this even possible? How is he alive? Oh God!”

louisawambui: “‎The fact that he can walk and talk is a miracle.”

Kimmorra: “‎some things , conditions, circumstances just makes me believe God is alive …..no one can be alive in such condition if not for God.”

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_le.ti.sha._: “‎I want to know what happened to this guy but no one in the comment section is talking about it.”

kisakyelamula7: “‎TikTok is better than Education now where would i find such. God u’re Alive no more doubt.”

svicbeat afro house: “‎This is what war can course let God show us mercy we are tired of our politic we are tired of the world end the earth God and rebuild it for us.”

John Wick: “‎May Allah give him Shifa and sabr ameen. May Allah forgive me for not always appreciating the things I have. Alhamdullilah.”

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