Various Types Of Hugs In A Relationship And What They Mean

Giving a loved one a hug is considered as the purest form of showing love. But sometimes it also has various meaning. Sometimes its because they had a tiring day and just wants to hug you to feel better, sometimes they are so happy that they hold you tightly to express happiness. The meaning of the hugs depends upon the type of it. There exist various types of hugs in a relationship that has different meanings and they say a lot about the kind of relationship that you are sharing with your partner. So it is important to know what their hugs mean.
1. The cosy hug

It means that your partner is totally comfortable with you and everything is fine in your relationship. It shows great affection and love.

2. The loose hug

The loose hug where you barely touch each other is a bad sign in a relationship. It means that something is wrong and it needs to be fixed soon.

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3. Legs around the waist

The filmy hug is so romantic that it literally feels like the background romantic music is missing. It shows happiness in your relation and true love.

4. The one-way hug

Hugs are meant for two people but if you are the only one hugging your partner while he is standing still then it means maybe he is losing connection with you.

5. Eye contact after the hug

This shows intimacy. This type of hug generally happens at the start of the relationship but even if your partner hugs you this way after you have dated for a while it means your love is still young.6. The side hug

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The side hug is also known as buddy hug. It means that your partner sees a best friend in you.

7. The back hug

The back hug shows safety and security in a relationship. If you hug your girl in this way, she would feel safest in your arms.

8. The pampered hug

If your partner taps your back or rubs it or kiss you while hugging it then it is called as the pampered hug. It means that your partner cares for you.

9. The pervert hug

Grabbing your girlfriend’s butts while hugging is known as the pervert hug. This should be performed in privately only. And it is so obvious what these hugs mean.

10. The careless hug

The hug where you become completely unaware of your surrounding and just wants to hug your partner is the purest one.

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11. The friendship hug

If your partner keeps his hands around your neck or shoulder while you walk then it means they are protective towards you.

12. The friendship hug 2

If you both wrap your hands around each other’s waist as you walk it shows great intimacy in a relationship.

13. The leaning hug

While the one leans on the other for the hug while the other one just pretends to hold the person then it shows differences.

14. The unnatural hug

This is another type of formal hug when you just hug each other for a moment and separates. It shows respect.

15. The suffocating hug

When you had a long tiring day and hugs your partner for the relief it means you rely on your partner for your mental peace.

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