We Found Love In The Comments Section Of This Page

Almost two years ago, someone shared a story about his search for a wife. It was under that post that I met Jimmy. I remember it vividly, the person said he was looking for a lady who lives in the bustling city of Accra and its environs. A playful thought crossed my mind as I humorously acknowledged that I might be disqualified due to my location. Besides, I had no intent of mingling with an unknown man on Facebook. I had heard too many horrible stories surrounding such relationships to give it a thought. Little did I know that fate had other plans for me…..CONTINUE READING....CONTINUE READING

This is the comment I made, ”So does it mean those of us from Kumasi are disqualified?” Moments after that, a charming gentleman replied to my comment. He said, “I live in Kumasi but I am currently working in another town. But I sometimes go home on weekends.”

What started as a casual exchange of pleasantries quickly transitioned into more intimate conversations. Eventually, he sent me a message in my inbox. I’m the type who rarely responds to messages from unknown persons, especially, men but something strange touched my heart to at least respond to Jimmy. After all, we had already established a rapport in the comment section of a post.

I’ve always been drawn to those who possess a profound love for knowledge. They call people like me sapiosexuals. This gentleman did not only catch my attention but he held it firmly with his eloquent and impeccable command over the English language. His style of writing and choice of words resonated with me, and I found myself drawn to him like a moth to a flame.

My previous relationship ended so badly that I carried the trauma from my past relationship around like a badge of honour. Whenever a man attempted to propose to me, I would feel so afraid. However, Jimmy had a way about him that did not trigger my past experiences.

Although he stole my attention with ease, I was still hesitant to invest my emotions in this newfound connection. I spoke to him on the phone every day for nearly a month but I barely revealed anything intimate about myself to him.

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As time went on we exchanged photos and even engaged in heartwarming video calls, in an effort to bridge the physical gap between us. While doing all this, I thought I was guarding my heart against him. But before I could catch myself, I had fallen deeply in love with him. My love for him was not one-sided. I could clearly see that he had genuinely fallen in love with me as well.

At the time we were talking, I was a national service person while he was already working in a career field I dreamed of working in. He was never apathetic about my situation. We both discussed our visions and aspirations and I realised that we will truly be the missing puzzle pieces of each other’s lives.

Finally, the day came when he decided to embark on a journey to meet me in person. As I laid eyes on him for the first time, a wave of familiarity washed over us, as though we had known each other for lifetimes. He was simply dressed and had worn a nice perfume which made me feel very jolly. Our connection was undeniable, and as he gently kissed my cheek, I felt an overwhelming sense of joy and completeness.

Since we resided in the same area, I wasted no time visiting him the very next day. My pulse was racing with excitement as I approached the station on the wonderful day of my visit to him. To my absolute delight, he was standing there waiting for me, with a smile that rivalled the warmth of the sun. We both felt intense happiness, and our love for each other reached new heights. In the moment our eyes met, it was as if time itself had stopped.

After that day we got to know each other better. And we found comfort and completion in friendship. All the troubles of my past and the world around us lost their relevance. What we shared was all that mattered. Our hearts led us to a relationship that was impossible to reject with an overwhelming magnetic attraction.

With time, we were unable to resist the seduction of passion as it filled us with needs. I remember one time when we were alone together. Things got so intense between us that we ended up naked. Every soft touch he left on my skin infused me with an intensity that sparked every atom of my being. But we both showed control because we understood how important it was to keep our relationship free from shuperu. So we didn’t do anything.

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That unforgettable day left an indelible scarlet message in my heart: a vivid memory that lighted up my entire week’s worth of experiences. In the days that followed, we talked more about our vision for the future. While we were talking one day he said, “I am ready to come home and meet your family.” I couldn’t stop smiling as I responded, “Yes, I believe it’s time.” In a matter of weeks, the official introduction by both families was done.

Three short weeks after that, he arrived at my doorstep to ask the question, “Will you marry me?” Of course, I said yes. We set a date for our wedding and worked tirelessly toward it. We were married in six months.

Today, we are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl. I thank the heavens above for bringing this noble gentleman into my life. His kindness, caring nature, and unwavering passion continue to fill my days with love and joy, and I do my best to reciprocate his affections.

To all my dear sisters on this page, I want to share a message of hope. Not all men on social media have ill intentions, just as not all ladies on social media are to be mistrusted. Sometimes take time to respond to some of the messages in your inbox. A simple comment under someone’s story led me to my dream husband. I believe technology brings us all together, so it can definitely help us find the love we all deserve.

My dearest husband, if you’re reading this story, this is from your Priceless Jewel. Please, know that I cherish you deeply. May God continue to bless and strengthen our union…..CONTINUE READING