Woman ‘never wants to stay in a hotel again’ after horror experience with wedding party

In recent years, Airbnb has enjoyed a new popularity, with many people moving away from hotel stays into it’s self-catering options, but many people still swear by the convenience of hotels. From on-site amenities like swimming pools and gyms to the knowledge that your bed will absolutely be made for you when you return to your room from a day of exploring a new city – when hotels operate well, they operate really well.....CONTINUE READING

For one woman, her experience at a hotel left her feeling put off for life and like she would be seeking alternative type of accommodations in the future, after a disruptive and noisy wedding party was left entirely unchecked by staff.

The woman, who took to Mumsnet for advice, explained: “Just back from what was meant to be a relaxing break in a hotel. We had a loud wedding that went on until the small hours, with wedding guests taking over the lounge the next day; a baby that screamed and cried throughout breakfast while both parents sat there and neither bothered to take him out; and the lounge on the Friday night had a match playing at full volume and was full of non residents drinking and shouting and roaring at the screen.”

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She went on to say that her previous visit to a hotel had also left her somewhat disappointed, “The last time we took a break in a hotel there was a large conference being held there. They were seated at two long tables in the dining room and the noise was so loud that ourselves and several other tables complained but nothing was done.

“We also had to put up with loud work related Skype calls and phone conversations in the lounge when trying to relax with the morning papers, and an impromptu meeting being held at a table beside us, with more and more people joining in until we felt squeezed out.”

The woman also explained that she was feeling put off by hotels because even before these two negative experiences, she’d also struggled with noisy hen and stag-dos at times when staying in hotels – and asked for advice on whether she was being unreasonable by expecting her fellow guests during hotel stays to be less disruptive.

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Commenters were relatively split on whether the woman was being reasonable, with many saying things like “you get what you pay for” in response. Another wrote: “I think you pay for what you get. Any five star hotel wouldn’t allow that sort of behaviour and is set up so guests aren’t on top of each other. (I say this from experience. I work in a five star hotel).”

However, some other people were more supportive of the woman, and that hotels could be a risk because of other the unpredictability of other guests and that the price or rating didn’t make much difference: “The worst behaviour I ever encountered was when I booked to stay in a five star hotel and they had a wedding the same weekend. Shouldn’t really have accepted non-wedding bookings if it was going to be disrupted for everyone else, but the staff and duty manager didn’t seem to give a s**t.”